6 Things That Will Make me Pick Up a Book.

New blog series… thingie… for 2020? LETS GOOOOOOO.

There’s no secret that I’m weirdly picky with the books I read.When deciding on a book I’m not only going to add to my Goodreads shelf but buy and readI give it a full on evaluation. I mean reading twenty million reviews and sometimes or often getting spoilers… I’m intense.

Soooo, it’s quite rare that a book get’s my interest and doesn’t let go: long story short, here are six things that make me pick up a book immediately, no questions asked.

Characters I Can Relate To feels like a given? I know I’m not the only one that reads a book with a character that looks/acts/has the same experiences as me and it makes the reading experience that much better? It makes it easier to root for what said character is going through and connects me to the experience a bit more.

I’m specifically talking about Let’s Talk About Love and The Poet X

Magical Realism/The Purplest of Prose

Fadwa @Word Wonders actually brought my attention to the difference between Fabulism” and “Magic Realism”, sooooo we promise to do better in 2020 ❤ . But! that mixture if real life and escapism being blurred by such a think line hits me harder than any Fantasy book any time of the week. Include flowery writing that makes me feel like I’m soaking in honey? I’m one of those people who doesn’t care how flowery the writing it, I will always be a fan of it.

I have an entire recommendations post on it

Murder/Assassins/Morally Ambiguous or Villainous Main Characters because it’s interesting seeing a character who does an immoral job have a heart and soul and emotions you know? Which is the antithesis of assassins in the first place….¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Try out Not Even Bones and The Female of the Species for some angry women who’s morals are questionable.

Anything with the concept of Souls is one of those buzzwords that I make known often is purely based on my ADORATION of Soul Eater? 

My biases are valid thanks, but try the Soul Eaters trilogy (not the manga… haven’t read it yet).

Slytherin/Hufflepuff pairings are my go to romance pairing… which I guess also coincides with opposites attract… but you can’t tell me the smol angry one and the gentle giant… or the big scary one and their cinnamon roll partner…. THE TASTE.


Try Get a Life, Chloe Brown because we stan all the way

Found Family is more of a… personal interest… I just adore the message of not every family is blood related” and finding people who are your people… gets me emotional every time.

When the Sky Fell on Splendor encapsulated this.

Tell me: what’s something that makes you pick up a book? Does it usually deliver? I thought I’d have more to add on this list… but again… we’re picky over here.

8 thoughts on “6 Things That Will Make me Pick Up a Book.”

  1. So nice to see the Female of The Species mentioned! I definitely love books with characters like Alex! Too bad it’s not exactly written in every blurb everytime.
    And yay for fellow Soult Eater watcher! I’m not 100% sure I would enjoy a book written in a way that resemble a manga, but I would definitely bee up to try if I ever catch one

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  2. Agree with some of these, especially the characters I can relate to, that’s everything! I didn’t know about fabulism before, I’ll definitely look into it! Lately, if the main character is female, and if the novel explores her friendship/relationships with other female characters – that’s a must read for me. 🙂

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