Can You Run a Book Blog with ONLY Book Reviews?

I've decided to take a twist to Pages Unbound's post Can You Run a Book Blog without Reviews? When I started Flying Paperbacks, my initial goal was book reviews. They were the thing that drew me into reading book blogs in the first place. Granted, before even considering creating said blog, I got into the… Continue reading Can You Run a Book Blog with ONLY Book Reviews?

My Review Process

So. Reviews... amirite? Honestly, thinking up this post was a trip in and of itself in the sense of when thinking about my elusive writing process when it comes to reviews.... it's an enigma. But frankly, are reviews easy to write? No. Yet you'd think I'd get better at it after five-ish years... No. Okay, I'll… Continue reading My Review Process

My Favorite Romance Tropes

I really wanted to make an on theme post considering its love day, but I haven't been in a booktag type of mood, I have no recommendations for you andddddd... I couldn't think of any other post to do except ramble. Because if I'm good at anything... it's talking too much. I had referenced this… Continue reading My Favorite Romance Tropes

Must I Review Every Book I Read?

Short answer is no. There. Roll credits. Sorry, that was rude-- hi, hello, how are you? As you know, in my post about my Goodreads shelves, I had mentioned I have a pending reviews shelf. You know, for reviews I will in the foreseeable future create. However, as I was recruiting books for said shelves,… Continue reading Must I Review Every Book I Read?

Goals and Aspirations | 2022

And... we're back! Hiatus over! I am still kind of going with this without a full plan, but I'm feeling good about this year. Last year, I had my little 2020 post... think I did okay? Knowing me, I knew I had to go easy on myself and we're following the same formula here. Except,… Continue reading Goals and Aspirations | 2022

I Didn’t Make a Pride TBR

First things first HAPPY PRIDE! To all of my friends who are out, to those who are closeted and those still figuring it out, I'm here for you and I hope this Pride was lovely for you. Hahaha, the fact that this post happens upon you on the last day of Pride is not lost… Continue reading I Didn’t Make a Pride TBR

Mid – Year Goals + Update

We are halfway through 2021! How has this year treated you so far? Now, I know we all have made some goals this year: some big, some small, some subconsciously. I know when I had made mine, I didn't have the highest hopes of actually following through... I usually fall off after week two. (bars).… Continue reading Mid – Year Goals + Update

I’ve Overwhelmed Myself with Books.

It's been a hot minute since I've just rambled on here, but I'd thought I would come on here to talk about a factor of burnout. Specifically, being overwhelmed. As you all have seen, things have been... inconsistent and rocky over here. When will she post? NO ONE KNOWS... I forgot how much I love… Continue reading I’ve Overwhelmed Myself with Books.

Series to Catch Up On || 2021

I have a thing with series. This we know. But! It is a new year, and January started off so well and I'd like to finally finish something. ignore the fact that as of writing this post, I am one book behind schedule. the AUDACITY. Now, this is a sequel only post. We don't need… Continue reading Series to Catch Up On || 2021

Webtoon’s to Start/Catch Up On

Ah, how we love our list of thing I plan on doing but never follow through with... (and why I'm speaking in third person we'll never know...) Really short, fun little post, but! Per my 2021 goals and aspirations, I wanted to consume more kinds of media. T.V. shows, movies, anime, audiobooks.... THE WORKS. Yet,… Continue reading Webtoon’s to Start/Catch Up On