Clearing my ‘Want to Read’ Shelf on Goodreads.

I’ve mentioned my hoarding ways when I unhauled a few books for the new year, but going on Goodreads and seeing this TOWER of books threatening me with a knife to the throat… ya girl knew it wasn’t over.

So, I got to work and… I went from around 600 books even to 442 (!!!) and I came up with a… strange for a lack of a better word method to getting rid of said books.

I’m spilling all of my secretssssssssss.

Get rid of sequels… if I haven’t read the book before it… then that sequel shouldn’t be there to be honest

Review: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass

I’m using Cassandra Clare’s books, because yes, I do own all of TMI and TID series…but I haven’t read them all yet. And it’s quite valid that I might not want to continue them. So, when I get to them or finish a book in the series… I’ll add the next one.

Review: Nevernight

Books I physically own that have been there for a bit too long also have to go…  if I get to it, I’ll re-add it (looking at you Godsgrave), but I have no desire to read them anytime soon.

Duplicates are a thing I didn’t know… could happen until I saw the little button on the side bar that finds them for you.

There are giveaways that will add a different edition to your shelf or sometimes when I change the edition of a book I own, it’ll just add both rather than just changing the edition like I asked GOODREADS YOU HAD ONE JOB-

Sorry. You get my point.

Books I added from the hype and never got to/won’t get to is a new concept for me, dating back to… 2019 if I’m honest.

Review: Warcross

From someone who had the mentality of I spent my hard earned money on these, therefore I have to read them, it came to a point where these books sat on my bookshelves for YEARS… at this point, I know from the bottom of my heart I will never read this book.

But again, I’m a never say never kind of girl so we’ll see.

If you have any tips on getting my shelves a little bit lower… Let me know! Any books on here that I should have kept? I’m here for suggestions 😉 .

20 thoughts on “Clearing my ‘Want to Read’ Shelf on Goodreads.”

  1. I have the same problem but with 2000+ tbr xD I don’t know how that happened, I just clicked on every book I liked the cover or synopsis of. I’ve been trying to go through it (It was 3000+) but it gets SO tiresome so quickly. I actually discovered duplicates today too! I got rid of them, but there weren’t many. xD Great post, I love some of these tips! 🙂

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  2. I do the sequel thing as well…sort of. I have to have read at least the first book in the series, or I won’t put sequels on my TBR.

    I’m impressed you unhauled books you own though. I have books I own and loathe the idea of reading, but if I own them I will read them if it kills me.

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  3. I love “purging” my Goodreads list; I only keep about 50 or 60 books on my ‘want to read’ list because I want it to actually be achievable. I’m also incredibly honest and upfront with myself: do I genuinely *want* to read a book, or do I just want to add it because everyone is currently blogging and talking about it?


  4. My goodreads TBR used to have 2000 books 😭😭😭 I added a lot of sequels then and one of the first things I did when I clean up that shelf is to remove all sequels. Creating special shelves for genre also really help for me! Now I just go through shelves with “old” trends like “vampires”, “dystopia”, and “werewolves” (you get what I mean) and just scroll through them when you want to clean up some more 😀


  5. January is a great time of year for a clear out! I did a similar TBR cleanse in December so I found it really interesting to read this post see how your process differs from mine! (Mine, if you want to read 😉 )

    Removing sequels is a good idea and YES, the duplicates! It’s so frustrating when you realise that two editions have been added to your TBR! I find it amazing that you went from 600+ to 400, so major kudos for that! I can usually only cut about 40 at a time from mine!

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  6. I have the same problem. I found the duplicate button a while back and every few months I use it and it’s amazing how many I find. I need to do the sequel cleaning, great idea! I need to get rid of books that I just don’t want to read PERIOD, I think that would help.

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  7. Really great advice- I definitely agree with you about not keeping sequels on tbrs- I feel like that’s only worth it if you’ve read the rest of the series! And yeah duplicates are annoying! It’s the kind of thing you have to clear every so often.


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