Might I Recommend… Retellings?

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I was thinking about how I haven’t done one of these in a while when my mother suggested I do one on retellings. Which was a great idea!…. If I had a fair amount that I truly liked.  Continue reading “Might I Recommend… Retellings?”


2018 Reading Resolutions – Check In and Reconsideration

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At the beginning of the month, I did a T5W on 2018 Reading Resolutions and it kind of hit me a few days ago that the year is halfway over. And… I’m pretty sure that I didn’t get through most of the listed resolutions… which is because of the fact that I forgot that these goals were a thing.

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Might I Recommend… Contemporaries with Mental Health?

MIR contemporary

It’s SUMMER TIME *enter nice gif here because I’m lazy*. I mentioned before I think that Spring/Summer is when my contemporary phase comes into play… but that might be for everyone, so I’m not special…

But it’s okay! I’m back to recommend/tell you some of my favorite contemporaries with mental health (I heard it was mental health week? I know I’m late… sorry) I’ll try to keep them light, but a lot some of them did make me cry, so… but they’re still good so PLEASE READ THEM.

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Might I Recommend… Fantasy Books?

MIR fantasy

Fantasy is one of my three favorite genre’s (Sci-Fi and Magical Realism being the other two), so I’m keeping on the path of recommending them. It’s happening a little earlier in the month than usual, but it’s okay… these things happen sometimes (and the T5W topic for today was harder than I thought it’d be soooooo¯\_()_/¯). Continue reading “Might I Recommend… Fantasy Books?”