About Me

Let it be known that starting this blog was a huge step for me. Being anxious about putting anything on the internet, this whole idea is kind of nerve wracking.

So, I’m LaRonda, a 20 year old asexual who really just wanted a place to talk about books. Considering my family isn’t the reading type, I usually end up with all these thoughts and feelings and nowhere to put them. Hence, the book blog.

I am the queen of unpopular opinions, ghosting around Twitter and overthinking. YA is my jam, though I do read NA and Adult which I occasionally review. Me and romance have a love/hate relationship (is that a pun?) Despite my shyness, I love talking to people. Granted, I probably won’t initiate it and once you get me going, I probably talk too much, but I think I’m cool (this is a small hint to talk to me… I swear I’m friendly).

Other than that, my closet is full of sweatpants, the cabinets are full of tea and my phone is always blasting the same old songs.

Many of my graphics are (of course) not mine. Kat from Waffley Cute Designs did my header, signature and dividers. Any other graphics come from pngtree.com, Only GFX, LovePik, Adobe Stock and I use Giphy for many of my post.