August Wrap-Up

hahahahahAHAHAH IS THIS WRAP-UP SEVEN DAYS LATE? YES. ARE THERE EXCUSES? YES. WILL I MAKE THEM? Honestly no, you all already know my excuses so I won't make ya'll suffer through it again. I sadly had to get rid of the rep. indicators because I still don't know how to work the block editor and… Continue reading August Wrap-Up

July Wrap-Up

Guess who didn't get a spike of reading inspiration until the end of the month? ME. I DID. Can't really say it was much though, but it was still something. Low key, I kind of really wanted this month to end, it gave me bad vibes. But also, it's my birthday month, even though I'm… Continue reading July Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up

I think I failed my Pride TBR. I didn't read any book on that this, but I still managed to read some queer books, sooooooo there's that. BUT! This month was a RIDE. I've had so many blog post ideas, a lot of motivation for my Instagram and overall I've just been really creative, even… Continue reading June Wrap-Up

May Wrap-Up

Wow, I actually forgot how to write one of these... Oh well. I did a cute little hiatus, so there was no actual point in writing a wrap-up for March or April and seeing as I am... *checks Goodreads Challenge* 19 BOOKS BEHIND... I'm actually surprised I read anything at all. I’m going to be using my… Continue reading May Wrap-Up

Pride TBR 2020

I initially wasn't going to make a themed TBR, seeing as I am currently recovering from the slump, but it felt wrong NOT to make one, you know? Now, I must preface of course I do, I talk too much that this is merely a guide and not a set TBR... I have commitment issues. And as always, not only am I… Continue reading Pride TBR 2020

February Wrap-Up

February has come and gone and it is now the time to be impatient.... ANIMAL CROSSING COMES OUT IN 17 DAYS. WE CANNOT WAIT. Anyways... month wasn't the greatest reading wise... I just realized I only read three books... and one of them was a DNF... yikes. I’m going to be using my rep indicators in my wrap up. This… Continue reading February Wrap-Up

January Wrap-Up

... I'm not going to sit here and act like I didn't think this month was going to be a flop. Yes, I got a good head start on blog post and such, but... somewhere in the back of my mind, I decided to be a Debby-Downer™ and think you don't have this. WELL SUCK IT JANUARY, I DO HAVE THIS. I’m… Continue reading January Wrap-Up

New Year, New TBR. || Jan. 2020

Happy New Year! Yes, I'm a day late, but I needed a breather. New year, new priorities and... plans? So, last year I made sort of a TBR Jar that'll halp me get some kind of structure, but for the most part I'll still be winging it, choosing my own books and going with it. I picked out… Continue reading New Year, New TBR. || Jan. 2020

2019 End of Year Book Survey.

I don't think you know how many renditions of this post was typed out and discarded before getting *this*, the post you're looking at now. This year kind of sucked reading wise. And not in the sense of these books were terrible, but these books were mediocre. I can list on one hand the amount of books that made my… Continue reading 2019 End of Year Book Survey.

November Wrap-Up || No Sleep November was a success

Happy belated holidays! I worked Thanksgiving (and I'n=m not really a festive person) but I hope you had a nice one! Sooo, this month sucked reading wise. I don't think I read a book until the 20th?? of the month??? Post wise, I finally got some reviews done! I can't say I've been feeling more motivated, but I've been feeling… Continue reading November Wrap-Up || No Sleep November was a success