January Wrap-Up

Hello! I skipped December’s wrap-up (trust me, it wouldn’t have been interesting) and now I’m back! Honestly, I had a great feeling that this month would be great reading-wise and it sure did deliver! As for life wise... ...we’re not going to mention it, but we all know... We're back with the rep. indicators! I've… Continue reading January Wrap-Up

My Favorite Books over the Years.

It's the end of a decade! And... I didn't know how I'd formulate this post. Because this year... wasn't my best year when it came to reading... or life in general (but we won’t go there). Not only did I have to cut my Goodreads challenge in half, but this was just the year of… Continue reading My Favorite Books over the Years.

November Wrap-Up

WE ARE ONE MONTH AWAY!!! FROM ESCAPING THIS HELLHOLE OF A YEAR! This month... was actually pretty decent when it came to my reading. Yes, it was only novella's and yes, 99% of them were romances (black romances at that)... BUT! there were no DNF's and I found another five star read (that was an… Continue reading November Wrap-Up

Books to Finish Before 2021

I feel like this post is counterintuitive considering the post I did a few days ago... but also not?? Considering the context of said post? Regardless, every year I make a post in this sort of format... and every year I fail. Miserably. But that hasn't stopped me yet! Long story short: I want to… Continue reading Books to Finish Before 2021

October Wrap-Up

THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER. And with the upcoming election (which I voted in!!) ... I'm not trying to stress or think about it too much, so let's focus on October, yeah? Because this month was full of spontaneity and good vibes. I've been mostly watching a lot of JCS - Criminal Psychology on Youtube… Continue reading October Wrap-Up

September Wrap-Up

I may sound like a repetitive robot here, but I have so much faith that October will be my comeback to reading... Let's hope I didn't jinx myself. Angel Time - Anne Rice ✰✰Legendborn - Tracy Donn ✰✰✰ + blog tour reviewMuseum of Forgotten Memories - Anstey Harris DNF Fun story-- me and someone I… Continue reading September Wrap-Up

Spooky TBR || 2020

It's my second favorite TBR list to make! This is going to be a pretty short post, unless ya'll want to watch me ramble on and on and on and... Now, considering I am a big wuss who doesn't really gravitate towards horror or creepy or spooky reads, this TBR is one to kind of… Continue reading Spooky TBR || 2020

August Wrap-Up

hahahahahAHAHAH IS THIS WRAP-UP SEVEN DAYS LATE? YES. ARE THERE EXCUSES? YES. WILL I MAKE THEM? Honestly no, you all already know my excuses so I won't make ya'll suffer through it again. I sadly had to get rid of the rep. indicators because I still don't know how to work the block editor and… Continue reading August Wrap-Up

July Wrap-Up

Guess who didn't get a spike of reading inspiration until the end of the month? ME. I DID. Can't really say it was much though, but it was still something. Low key, I kind of really wanted this month to end, it gave me bad vibes. But also, it's my birthday month, even though I'm… Continue reading July Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up

I think I failed my Pride TBR. I didn't read any book on that this, but I still managed to read some queer books, sooooooo there's that. BUT! This month was a RIDE. I've had so many blog post ideas, a lot of motivation for my Instagram and overall I've just been really creative, even… Continue reading June Wrap-Up