Review Policy

I am currently accepting limited ARC’s

I would be honored to review and promote books before they are published! Here are some thing’s that need to be mentioned before requesting:

I’m not accepting

❥ Erotica – If your novel falls under that category, please do not send me a review request. I read them for fun— I don’t review them.

❥ Non-Fiction – I’m pretty selective about what I read and have not found a non – fiction book that I’ve enjoyed, so I’m closing those off.

❥ New Adult – Again, very selective with these and it’s rare that I review New Adult on my blog. If you think it’d be something I like, don’t be afraid to send a query!

❥ Sequels – unless I currently own the first book in the series, I will not accept.

Genre’s I will read


❥ Contemporary

❥ Magical Realism

❥ Fantasy

❥ Science Fiction

❥ Historical Fiction (very selective)

❥ Dystopian

❥ LGBTQIAP+ (books with asexual rep. will almost always be accepted)

❥ Mental Health


❥ Romance (very selective)

❥ Chick Lit (selective)

❥ Mythology Retellings

Formats I Accept

❥ Physical

  • Already released Hardcover or Paperback
  • Galley’s & ARCs

❥ E-copies

  • Kindle Format (.mobi) is preferred
  • EPUB

What Should You Include In Your Review Request 

❥ A synopsis

❥ A Goodreads link

❥ The release date

I don’t require too much, this just makes things so much easier. Any relevant information (especially anything that shows why your book would be a good fit for me based on what you’ve see on my blog) is appreciated, but not needed.

About My Reviews

❥ My reviews include a rating, release date and the Goodreads blurb about the book. Every review I write is my own honest opinion. Seeing as I don’t always have a lot of time to read, I can’t guarantee how quickly reviews will be posted but I do try and post them the month before or the month of their release, if not the exact date. Also, while I don’t post reviews daily, I do try to post something book-related.

❥ I love hosting giveaways, interviewing authors, participating in blog tours, and other fun things like that.  I also offer many different advertising opportunities.

❥ Real-life obligations mean that I can’t always respond to every query e-mail and I can’t accept every book that catch my interest. If you don’t hear from me, don’t be discouraged! This does not mean that I am not interested in hearing about other books you may have on offer in the future, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have something you think I’d be interested in.

❥ I reserve the right to NOT post a review of your book should I not feel comfortable doing so. This could be because I’ve run out of time, didn’t really have anything to say about it, etc.

Rating System

★★★★★ stars- This has become a favorite, prepare to hear non-stop gushing.

★★★★ stars- This book was great with minor problems.

★★★ stars-  Meh; Mediocre but still enjoyable.

★★ stars- I. AM. BORED. Not the biggest fan. Probably DNF

 stars- No. Just… no. Me and this book are not friends.