Summer Vibes Book Tag

I feel like it's fitting to do a tag, specifically THIS tag considering it is summer and I should capitalize on that, right??? I was tagged by Ashlee @ Books Are 42 and I super appreciate it, it was fun to do (if not a bit hard because I DON'T READ SUMMERY BOOKS) And though… Continue reading Summer Vibes Book Tag

Stuck at Home Book Tag

I saw this tag on Ally's blog and immediately went this'll be fun. And it's been a while since I've done a tag to begin with, so here we are. I may not be stuck at home ALL of the time with me being an essential worker, but..... I don't go anywhere. So there's that. The Rules Thank the person who… Continue reading Stuck at Home Book Tag

Harley in the Sky, Circus Book Tag

This tag was created by Jemma @Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them! Oh wow, I'm actually doing a tag? On this blog? Who meeeeeeee??? In all seriousness, this is one of my most anticipated releases of 2020 (I made an entire list here if you need a reference) and seeing as I'm a part of the street… Continue reading Harley in the Sky, Circus Book Tag

Autumn Book Tag

Heyyyyyyyyyyy, I was going to start this month off with a WWW, but I haven't been reading. So, why not start off the season with a tag??? Don't do those very often. And I saw this one on Dorka's blog sooooo that's what we're doing. I probably should have done a Halloween book tag, but the weather has finally started to… Continue reading Autumn Book Tag

Liebster Award #we lost count

Another tag! After my... weird tag hiatus, we're trying to slowly get back into it... so thank you Elysa for tagging me! ❤ Rules: Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the Award. Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you Nominate 11 people Ask the people who you have… Continue reading Liebster Award #we lost count

Reader Problems Tag… in gifs

Do you all know how long it's been since I've done a tag??? I don't actually know and I'm too lazy to look. HOWEVER, I was tagged by Consu (thank you so much ❤ ) and I'm ready to answer some questions. You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide… Continue reading Reader Problems Tag… in gifs

The Stranger Things Book Tag

IT IS STRANGER THINGS DAY!!!!! It's also The Fourth of July soooooooo Happy Fourth ????? Now, I work today *cries*, but I'm not too upset, I'm not really a festive person to begin with. But I am a bit salty that I'm missing it T_T. And as I was looking for a post to have up for today correlating to the holiday because I… Continue reading The Stranger Things Book Tag

The Book Addiction Tag

Keeping up with the content, I've been tagged! Granted, it's a bit late but.......... thank you so much Rebecca for thinking of me! 1. WHAT IS THE LONGEST AMOUNT OF TIME YOU CAN COMFORTABLY GO WITHOUT PICKING UP A BOOK? A week. But I know if I force myself to read when I don't want… Continue reading The Book Addiction Tag

Mid Year Freak Out Tag

2018 Freak Out tag Yes, six months has passed WITH THE QUICKNESS, yet unlike last year, I'm not freaking out? The next six months are feeling positive I just feel it you know? I'll stop rambling and get into it. BEST BOOK YOU’VE READ SO FAR IN 2019 {Review} IF YOU MISSED THIS REVIEW OF MINE, GO CHECK IT OUT???… Continue reading Mid Year Freak Out Tag

The Blog Glo Up… despite my inactivity

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! I was going to do a holiday themed... post, but I'm not really a festive person to begin with and I actually didn't realize it was a holiday until last minute. So, I've been blogging since September 1st, 2017 (that's 1.5 years) and you could say things have changed. Was that too corny? And… Continue reading The Blog Glo Up… despite my inactivity