Might I Recommend… Fantasy Books?

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Fantasy is one of my three favorite genre’s (Sci-Fi and Magical Realism being the other two), so I’m keeping on the path of recommending them. It’s happening a little earlier in the month than usual, but it’s okay… these things happen sometimes (and the T5W topic for today was harder than I thought it’d be soooooo¯\_()_/¯).

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Furthermore & Whichwood – Tahereh Mafi



Goodreads: { Furthermore }; { Whichwood }

I’ve only read Furthermore and it was the cutest thing to me 😀 . It’s whimsical, tackles some racial issues in a unique way… and the origami fox is my favorite thing in the world XD. I’ve heard  Whichwood is darker for a middle grade book, handling grief and has some gory descriptions, but it also has a Persian main character which is always great.

Review: { Furthermore }

The Star Touched Queen duology



Goodreads: { The Star Touched Queen }; { A Crown of Wishes }

As I’m writing this, I notice a pattern of purple prose going on, so that says a lot about me 😉 .

I love these books, particularly the second one, but both are pretty great. No, these don’t have to be read as a series, however I recommend it, because cameos are made and… they’re amazing. Each main character has a strength in them and I find them both relatable. And the love interest in both are also amazing.

Reviews: { The Star Touched Queen } and { A Crown of Wishes }

The Bone Witch series



Goodreads: { The Bone Witch }; { The Heart Forger }; { The Shadowglass }

When these books first came out, I’ll admit, the first book had a slower pace and was very focused on world building. However, I was never bored and when book two happened… I was here for it O.O It got more romantic (which wasn’t an issue surprisingly) and it was more plot focused while dealing with a main character descending into villainy… or is she?

Reviews: { The Bone Witch } and { The Heart Forger } There’s also a Q&A with the author if you want to check it out 🙂 .

The Reader



Goodreads: { The Reader }; { The Speaker }; { The Storyteller }

I’ll admit I have yet to read the sequel and this was a complete title buy for me #noshameinmygame but these covers are also very pretty ❤ . It was a bit dense (but it is a fantasy, so… ) but I focused on the characters who were pretty great. The relationship between Sefia and Archer romantic or not was so full of loyalty and unwavering trust. This world is definitely is bound for greatness.

I did have an issue with a part of Archer’s development (and I do talk about it more in my review)… but hopefully it’ll be explained in the sequel

Throughout the book, Archer was a mute and in the end he was magically able to speak again? Major issues with this…

Review: { The Reader }

Amanda Foody’s Books (all of them… do it for me)



Goodreads: { Daughter of the Burning City }; { Ace of Shades }

I loved both of these books, Foody has become an auto-buy author me ❤ . Slytherin girls and sexual diversity and racial diversity and an amazing magic system and everything. DotBC is a standalone, so I’d say start with that one, but read both of them… for me… please…

Reviews: { Daughter of the Burning City } and { Ace of Shades }

Bound by Blood and Sand Duology



Goodreads: { Bound by Blood and Sand }; { Freed by Flame and Storm }

This. Duology. It deals with racism and slavery and rape. It has a girl bent on vengeance and a sibling bond and barely any romance (no, seriously, it was damn near nonexistent and when it did pop in, it didn’t hinder the story at all). Add a magic system that was pretty cool and you have this 🙂 .

Reviews: { Bound by Blood and Sand } and { Freed by Flame and Storm }

This was harder than I thought, considering I didn’t want to add the obvious well known ones and most of my faves are underrated…

Talk to Me

Have you read any of these? Any recommendations? What’s your favorite genre? Let me know in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Might I Recommend… Fantasy Books?”

  1. I adore The Bone Witch and The Star-Touched Queen (and their sequels). I have Daughter of the Burning City on my shelf and you’re making me want to pick it up right now, Foody’s books sound awesome! The Reader sound really good too, and wow those covers. Yeah, I’m gonna need to buy that… I love these recommendations posts 🙂

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  2. I love Amanda Foody! I agree The Bone Witch was extremely slow for me but I just finished The Heat Forger and AHHHH. I loved it so much and I can see what you mean with the romance!

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