Review: Freed by Flame and Storm by Becky Allen || Weird pacing but a satisfying conclusion

Freed by Flame and Storm

Bound by Blood and Sand #2

Becky Allen


Revolution is nigh, and one seventeen-year-old girl stands at the head of it all.

Jae used to be a slave, laboring with the rest of her people under a curse that forced her to obey any order she was given. At seventeen, she found the source of her people’s lost magic and became the only person to break free—ever. Now she wants to use her power to free the rest of her people, but the ruling class will do anything to stop her.

Jae knows that breaking the curse on her people would cause widespread chaos, even unimaginable violence between the castes, and her caste would likely see the worst of it. Many would die. But to let them remain shackled is to doom them to continue living without free will.

How is one girl, raised a slave and never taught to wield power, supposed to decide the fate of a nation?

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Published: December 12th 2017




Possible Spoilers For: Bound by Blood and Sand


Trigger Warning




War, Death, Slavery

This was a satisfying finale. The pacing was a bit weird, however, the characters were amazing as always, the plot takes some turns I was expecting in book one and I am good with the ending.

Keeping it short: After the events of the last book, Jae and Elan are trying to free the Closest for real this time with the potential of war on their heels.

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First things first, the worldbuilding is still a bit muddled for me. I can’t really get a grasp on where the characters are at times which is kind of jarring as there’s a lot of running and war happening.

Yet the aspect of war itself made this book pick up where the last book was lacking. There are consequences to Jae acquiring so much magic, in her decisions, in Elan’s decisions. The brutality wasn’t as harsh as the last book, but it was a different breed of harsh.

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Jae in this one had some great character development. Being a leader to one side of this war made her have to be the strength for so many people. She wasn’t perfect, she made mistakes, but not once was I not rooting for her. Elan also has a bigger role as well as some more inner conflict and was very loyal to Jae and the cause.

The diversity is great: Jae is dark-skinned, Erra is gay with a star-crossed romance going on. Speaking of romance, this duology is still very romance light, Jae is a rape survivor. However, it’s handled pretty well, leaving it on an open note.

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My one issue was the pacing. Everything was happening so quickly, yet it felt slow? But then, I ended up ten chapters deep in no time.

It was kind of jarring, but again, I’m really happy with this conclusion and I think it was worth the wait.

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