Mid Year – 5 star predictions

Hello! Here I am, doing something I’m normally against doing – predicting things! Because I’m bad at it!

I joke, I joke, I’m just a tough critic and it’s hard to find a 5 star read let alone a favorite.

Honestly, this year has been going so good reading wise (despite the fact that I’m seven??? Books behind schedule?????), I have a little confidence that I may get at least one or two right on this list.

I realized that this list would be too short if I kept this to the books that have yet to be released… So we split it in two – because we love a list of 10 +.

To-Be Released/Recent Releases

For The Wolf – Hannah Whitton { Jun. 1st } || We love dark Fantasy and dark romances….. let me indulge.

Star Eater – Kerstin Hall { Jun. 22nd } || Tor.com has a tendency to publish books that are just… up my alley??

Red Wolf – Rachel Vincent { Jul. 20th } || Last year, I went on a semi-mission to discover as many Red Riding Hood retellings as I could. Didn’t go well… but again, this one sounds great and my hopes? HIGH.

Certain Dark Things – Silvia Moreno { Sept. 7th } || I’m a bit of an instant fan of Garcia’s works? I’m on a mission to finish each and every one of their books and this one sounds AMAZING. TEN OUT OF TEN.

The Hidden Palace – Helene Wecker { June 8th } || I have a deep appreciation for The Golem and the Jinni, even when I read it and didn’t exactly process what I was reading?? Does that make sense?

Backlist Books

Lore – Alexandra Bracken || Fun fact: I’m not the biggest Bracken fan? Her books just haven’t been hitting for me… and that fine! However, this concept?? That cover??? Listen, if this isn’t 100% up my alley, I quit.

Beneath a Sugar Sky – Seanan McGuire 🎧 || After Down Among the Sticks and Bones made me feel too many things??? I’m going into this one a bit clueless as to plot and characters and all that jazz, but this series has yet to let me down; it’s only getting better with each installment.

A Closed and Common Orbit – Becky Chambers 🎧 || I thoroughly enjoyed A Long Way to a Small, Angry, Planet and even though it follows a character I didn’t really pay attention to, I’m excited to be following them in this installment.

When You Were Everything – Ashley Woodfolk || This is a book I’ve been quite nervous to even look at? Because it hits close to home– I had gone through a friend break up that really changed me in a way and I know this book will be so important and embed itself into my heart and soul??? I just…. who feels like crying, amirite?

Chlorine Sky – Mahogany L. Browne || This is one I’ve– as always, been nervous to get to? I’m excited the book is in prose, however again, friend break-ups. I’m glad they’re getting more representation in books because honestly, they freaking hurt. A lot. Yikes.

What are some five star reads you’ve gotten to this year? How are we feeling about the books on my list? have you read any of this? Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Mid Year – 5 star predictions”

  1. These are Great books! I had to look a few up but ‘Star Eater’ is the one I’m probably the most curious about!
    Thanks so much for sharing, happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This year has really been incredible for book releases! And is still packed with fantastic options to come. It’s great. 😎


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