Santa, Did You Bring Me Any Books? || Bonus Blogmas Day

Hey… been kind of inactive much. We won’t go too into it, but we can blame my mental health.


This was supposed to go up Christmas day… but that didn’t make any sense for me. I don’t get books for Christmas… money is usually the way my family goes since they can never quite get my reading taste down

So I bought books yesterday and I’m giving Santa the credit he does not deserve.

I didn’t buy that many books (I don’t have it like that)… I bought two and preordered two. And I’m going to talk about them.

Queen of Air and Darkness || Cassandra Clare {aka I’m a fake fan}

Keep in mind that I haven’t even made it to Clockwork Angel yet. And I may or may not even own any of the Dark Artifices books.


I was kind of hoping I didn’t miss out on the editions with the pictures… probably did, but it’s fine.

Radio Silence || Alice Oseman {aka my heart is on the line}

So, this book has been on my radar for a while and with the hype for Heartstopper (the very queer and totally up my alley comic/ graphic novel I will never know the difference sorry by the same author) all over my timeline, there was no doubt I’d get to Radio Silence… eventually.

But it was Malanie and her unadulterated love for the book that finally pushed me over the ledge and got me to finally buy the book. I mean… it was about time… THANKS MALANIE ❤

(btw if my heart breaks into a million pieces I blame you).

The Afterlife of Holly Chase || Cynthia Hand {aka I missed out on the Christmas train}

I bought this one late and to be honest… this wasn’t in my plans.

But, a good deal is a good deal (it was $1.99) and I don’t pass up on good deals (even if my wallet is begging me to).

The Sisters of the Winter Wood || Rena Rossner {aka again, good deal, sad wallet}

Another one not in my plans. 

But this one has been on my radar for while now (ever since reading Melanie’s review forever influencing my purchases and books with verse are my new favorite thing pass it on.

I pretty happy with my purchases, I haven’t been buying many books and haven’t really felt the need or want to: the library has been a real one.

What did you get for Christmas? Or, if you don’t celebrate the holiday, how did you spend your day? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Santa, Did You Bring Me Any Books? || Bonus Blogmas Day”

  1. LARONDA! I love you so damn much! And I hope you love Radio Silence and everything else, sweetheart! You are such a bright light in my life! And I hope 2019 gives you the entire galaxy and all the stars within it, because that’s what you deserve! 💖xx


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