Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2018



It is I….


I don’t know where I was going with that.

But with the year closing in on us, I’ve been doing some reflecting and thinking about some changes I want to do for the blog and stuff.

Now, we all know how much of an indecisive witch I am, so while I do want to implement all the things mentioned below, I’ll probably be lenient. You see when I get into it.

Harry Potter

Alright, listen. I read the first three books in 2017 and I understand where the love for this series comes from. I felt the magic of it all when I read what I read. But… maybe I missed the train no pun intended heh for me to fully be into it, but I have no real desire to force myself to continue?

I do plan on continuing in the future (I do own the full series) but… it’s not a priority anymore. I made it three books… I’d call that an accomplishment.

Top Five Wednesday… and maybe Top Ten Tuesday I don’t know yet

While I do find myself having more fun and get more interaction doing Top Ten list… doing two list type post a week is kind of exhausting, especially during holidays where the two may have the same topics.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, these aren’t definite, I may do one on the rare occasion… or maybe I’ll go back on my word… you’ll never know. But this let go leads to the next one…

Daily Posting

I actually kind of implemented this one back in November… I’ve been doing the daily posting thing for a year and… it’s fine? I haven’t really experienced any kinds of burn out or anything, but I’ve been feeling… I don’t want to say dispassionate, but not as proud of my post lately. It’s only just been recently that I’ve been really excited about the content I’ve been putting out.

And maybe it’s because of said daily posting that my interactions have become low. I haven’t really been blog hopping or commenting. But not only that, I’m 18, out of school and I need to start working. I don’t know, I haven’t really thought of a set schedule yet and I probably won’t make one if I’m honest. But blogging brings me genuine joy, so we’ll figure it out.

Yeah, that’s kind of it?? I probably made this post seem super important and implying some sort of doom, but it fine, everything’s fine.

What are your plans for the new year? Any new, scary things that you’re thinking of doing? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2018”

  1. Don’t have any regrets on the HP thing. When I read them they were super popular, the movies were coming out, everyone was obsessed with HP, so I read them because everyone else was doing it. Would I read them again? nope. They’re, i guess, fine? if you love them, that’s great, and if you don’t, that’s totally ok too.

    posting every day? I am in AWE. I am lucky if I can get two posts up a week.


  2. I think that makes sense about HP- no need to continue something you’re not crazy about. And wow- I think that’s so impressive that you posted daily! I think it’s totally fair not to do that- it must be a huge amount of work.


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