I’ve Overwhelmed Myself with Books.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve just rambled on here, but I’d thought I would come on here to talk about a factor of burnout. Specifically, being overwhelmed.

As you all have seen, things have been… inconsistent and rocky over here. When will she post? NO ONE KNOWS…

I forgot how much I love using gifs in my post please ignore me.

Now, I’m okay. I’ve figured it out– despite my lowered views and my inconsistent post and such, I know what I’m doing to keep joy in my blog and the content I’m releasing… However for an undisclosed amount of time… I was struggling.

I look back at fifteen-to-eighteen year old me and I see how I was able to manage 100+ books a year, blog tours, daily posting, ARC’s on ARC’s on ARC’s… where the hell did she go?

And I am fully aware that this is a hobby first and foremost, I’m not getting paid (which is fine, truly I’m okay *cries*) and I’m doing this for no one but myself even though all of you who keep coming back are lovely. Nonetheless, I don’t think I’m the only one who can admit that I’m quite ambitious with everything I put on my plate…

Yet, never will it ever become an option or idea to quit. I don’t have that in me. I love this blog and everything I’ve done with it too much.

And I realize what contributes to said inundation:

❥ ARC’s? I deleted Edelweiss only to make new accounts but I’m not getting approved for anything so does it really count?

❥ Finding content? I don’t want things to get stale, but I’m also a huge if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it type of chick.

❥ Outside forces have also in a way overwhelmed me. It’s hard balancing my newfound social life with work and reading and blogging and sleep which we know ain’t happening over here and that’s not something I’m used to. I’m used to this–

I just want it to be prevalent that it’s okay to get overwhelmed. It’s normal, it’s bound to happen, it’s okay. Life happens, things change, normality is the key word today class.

This is a dead topic I discuss often, but it is ever constant. A battle that I will overcome someday. Hopefully.

I’m joking positive manifestation and all that jazz.

19 thoughts on “I’ve Overwhelmed Myself with Books.”

  1. Yeah, I can relate to this. (Not to the newfound social life. What even is that? Is it something ot eat?) My blog posts are also few and far between but I’m totally with you when you say that it’s not something you or we should stress about. Balancing is tricky, this month did not really work out for me. But at least we know that we can only do our best and that there is always a new month around the corner. 🙂

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  2. I relate to this so much! I am still wondering how the HECK I managed to post 5x a week (2-3 being book reviews) and blog hop DAILY for over a year!? I’m down to 2x a week and 4 reviews a month if we’re lucky ahaha. Then again, my content has gotten a lot more in-depth so I guess that makes sense… but STILL!

    And as soon as I get my netgalley shelf under control I get a bunch of widgets. Oops.

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  3. If it’s just a hobby, go at your own pace and enjoy! Take the pressure off yourself. 😊

    As a blogger I find I have peaks and troughs of posting activity, sometimes it’s more frequent depending on how much time I have. It doesn’t bother me if bloggers don’t post for a while – we all have lives to live as well!!


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