Would You Rather: Halloween Edition Book Tag

Happy spooky month! In the spirit of Halloween, I give you a tag! Considering I haven't been reading as much as I'd like to and it's been a while since a book tag has graced this here blog-- this looked easy enough and I'm trying to be festive. This tag was originally created by The Book… Continue reading Would You Rather: Halloween Edition Book Tag

Spooky TBR || 2022

When you're overwhelmed and your favorite season comes along... you read. We knew this was coming, it's one of my favorite post to do-- my spooky tbr! In which I try to get into a genre that I struggle to get into because I don't scare easy! Now, I do want to switch up a… Continue reading Spooky TBR || 2022

Halloween Book Tag

I saw this tag over at The Awkward Book Blogger and thought of course that this was necessary to do the thing 😉 . Hallow's Eve is among us! I don't really celebrate (as in I'm too lazy to trick or treat/go out in general) but candy! is! my! thing! Let me know: how do you… Continue reading Halloween Book Tag

Spooky TBR for someone who doesn’t read spooky books

I've been looking at other peoples scary TBR's and... they make me look like a wimp. BUT IT'S NOT MY FAULT... I just don't gravitate towards the genre as a whole. I mention how my brain tends to self censor itself and the fact that I find issues with the horror genre in the form… Continue reading Spooky TBR for someone who doesn’t read spooky books

The Halloween Book Tag

I saw this tag over on Read and Dream's blog, but it was originally created by The Library of Sarah, which you can see here! Firstly, Happy Halloween everyone! There were a lot of reasons why I wasn't going to do this tag. 1). I don't really celebrate Halloween (I don't celebrate much tbh) and 2). Question… Continue reading The Halloween Book Tag