Series I’d Like to Finish | 2022

Short post is short, but I feel like this post is a waste. because knowing me and my commitment issues, we all know this is about to be a bust. or maybe im going to hard on myself.... Now, I've noticed that in the year 2021, I kind of ditched my physically owned TBR in… Continue reading Series I’d Like to Finish | 2022

Goals and Aspirations | 2022

And... we're back! Hiatus over! I am still kind of going with this without a full plan, but I'm feeling good about this year. Last year, I had my little 2020 post... think I did okay? Knowing me, I knew I had to go easy on myself and we're following the same formula here. Except,… Continue reading Goals and Aspirations | 2022

2021–Goals and Aspirations

If you were expecting a wrap-up... you're not getting one. Come back in February for that. But! I'm just feeling 2021... either that or I'm just desperate for change. So, with the new year comes the goals and I'm going to go easy on myself and not only set reasonable goals, but I'm thinking I'm… Continue reading 2021–Goals and Aspirations