Disappointing Books of 2o2o

I initially wasn't going to make this post. Honestly, this year was kind of meh, full of books I didn't have any strong feelings bout either way. (afterwards, I went on Goodreads to do my research and realized I'd have enough books to make this post... happen). But, then the thing happened on Twitter and… Continue reading Disappointing Books of 2o2o

Bookish Traditions

I was setting up the Christmas tree with my mother and my sister (why they decided on pink and silver is BEYOND me} when a thought came into my mind...We all have our Christmas traditions, right? It gets you in the holiday spirit— hell, even someone like me, the most Grinch/ Scrooge you'll ever meet,… Continue reading Bookish Traditions

Black Romances Got Me through Quarantine

If ya'll didn't know, I have been struggling with my Goodreads goal. Pretty damn hard. As of writing this post, I am two books away from completing it (!!!), but hopefully by the time this post publishes, I'll have completed it. *Spoiler: I have not. I have discovered so many romance books through Kindle Unlimited… Continue reading Black Romances Got Me through Quarantine

Mood Reading & TBR’s Don’t Mesh Well

Like all of my greatest post ideas— I was at work, pondering on how proud I was to have managed three... point five books this October while semi-sticking to my themed Spooky TBR... when a string of thoughts hit me all at once: 1). I'm a mood reader 2). I made a themed TBR for… Continue reading Mood Reading & TBR’s Don’t Mesh Well

Physical Books vs. E-Books and my Love for Both.

Am I dredging up a topic I've had in my drafts for a year now? Yes. Yes, I am. Anyways— I was a HUGE e-book stan in my teenage years. I remember the first NOOK I had ever gotten: my mother bought from a pawn shop when I was 14. I had been asking for… Continue reading Physical Books vs. E-Books and my Love for Both.

Five Stage of Grief: Recommending a Book and They Don’t Like It

I have an aversion to recommending books. I don't know if it's a fear of rejection or if I'm just soft when it comes to my favorites, but if I recommend you a book, you are obligated to like it. I don't make the rules... but my mother also doesn't follow the rules either. And… Continue reading Five Stage of Grief: Recommending a Book and They Don’t Like It

Mid Year Goals for 2020

As of writing this post, I've only read 31 books this year. Kind of sad for me, but I'm in the final stage of grief: acceptance. So, normally, I'd do a Mid-Year Freak Out tag and... you can see that's become an impossibility. Because in all honesty, I've only named two books a favorite, the… Continue reading Mid Year Goals for 2020

Gushing about the Steel Prince series.

Thank you to Titan Comics for providing me with review copies of all three volumes! Now, I'm not much for graphic novels. If I'm honest, I have the attention span of a goldfish, which says a lot to begin with. But, when one of my favorite authors comes out with an extension of one of… Continue reading Gushing about the Steel Prince series.

Coming Out and how one book helped me.

As this Pride month kind of SNUCK UP ON ME like a ninja, I thought I'd get personal here on my bloggy blog and talk about some things. Some things being my sexuality and how books or one in particular helped shape that. Now, before I start I should bring up some content warnings: I… Continue reading Coming Out and how one book helped me.

So, You Can’t Come Back from your Reading Slump.

Hey! Remember when I took an unsolicited hiatus for about a month and a half? Well, last month I promised to come back... and still haven't read anything. I don't have the motivation. I don't have the spoons. I don't have ANYTHING/. Which is where this post comes up. And despite the title, this post is less of… Continue reading So, You Can’t Come Back from your Reading Slump.