Goals and Aspirations | 2022

And... we're back! Hiatus over! I am still kind of going with this without a full plan, but I'm feeling good about this year. Last year, I had my little 2020 post... think I did okay? Knowing me, I knew I had to go easy on myself and we're following the same formula here. Except,… Continue reading Goals and Aspirations | 2022

Mid – Year Goals + Update

We are halfway through 2021! How has this year treated you so far? Now, I know we all have made some goals this year: some big, some small, some subconsciously. I know when I had made mine, I didn't have the highest hopes of actually following through... I usually fall off after week two. (bars).… Continue reading Mid – Year Goals + Update

2021–Goals and Aspirations

If you were expecting a wrap-up... you're not getting one. Come back in February for that. But! I'm just feeling 2021... either that or I'm just desperate for change. So, with the new year comes the goals and I'm going to go easy on myself and not only set reasonable goals, but I'm thinking I'm… Continue reading 2021–Goals and Aspirations

Mid Year Goals for 2020

As of writing this post, I've only read 31 books this year. Kind of sad for me, but I'm in the final stage of grief: acceptance. So, normally, I'd do a Mid-Year Freak Out tag and... you can see that's become an impossibility. Because in all honesty, I've only named two books a favorite, the… Continue reading Mid Year Goals for 2020

Changes in my Reading Life || {TTT}

Top Ten Tuesday was created by  The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. This is one of those things where it kind of hit me out of nowhere. Because the change was... I can't say subtle... I'm just obtuse. However comma if I'm thinking back… Continue reading Changes in my Reading Life || {TTT}

Winter Bucket List || Book Edition 2019

Me and bucket list don't exactly have a great history if I'm honest. And yes, I'm aware that sentence structure may be incorrect; we're going with it. Blame it in my commitment issues, blame it on my procrastination problems, but I've never actually completed a bucket list. Hell, I've never even started one. However, it never hurts to… Continue reading Winter Bucket List || Book Edition 2019

Reading Resolutions 2019 – Check-In

It's time for a check in! At the beginning of the year, I did a T5W on 2019 Reading Resolutions and would you look at that the year is halfway over. And… I’m pretty sure that I didn’t get through most of the listed resolutions… which is because of the fact that I forgot that these goals were… Continue reading Reading Resolutions 2019 – Check-In

Reading Resolutions 2019

This was a Top Five topic that I missed on, but really wanted to do. I did one of these last year and about halfway through the year, I reflected on if I actually did said resolutions, so that's the plan here right now. Overcome my fear of buddy reading I make it known often… Continue reading Reading Resolutions 2019