My Netgalley/Edelweiss Shelves Are a Mess {PT. 1}

My Shelves are a Mess.jpg

I’ve seen a few people do post on tackling their ARC’s and such and I thought it looked vcbvbvbfun… but I will warn you, they are a mess. I don not understand the concept of restraint when it comes to ARC’s.

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Tome Topple { July 6th – 12th } // THE DAY ISN’T OVER

Tome Topple Wrap Up

Short update post is short… ’cause I kind of only got through two books…

I’m not calling this a failure, because as long as I got at least one book done, I participated, ya know? Continue reading “Tome Topple { July 6th – 12th } // THE DAY ISN’T OVER”

May Wrap Up + June TBR // Hiatus = productivity + potential giveaway

Monthly Wrap up and TBR

Last month wasn’t the best for me mentally. My cat died last week and I didn’t find the best sleep until recently (like… this week)… it was just an overall mental spiral for the entire month; as soon as I found a positive, I’d get dragged back down. But right now, we’re only going to try to look at the positives.

I do have a ton of post lined up (mostly discussion post… guess I had a lot to talk about), I hit 400+ followers (thank you SO MUCH ❤ Hoping to do a giveaway soon 😉 ) and I have a new segment I want to introduce to the blog, so I hope you guys like it 🙂 .

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Graduation Ramblings and Emotions


Hey everybody! By the time this post premiers on the blog, I will have graduated high-school, which is still a crazy thought. I mean, 12 years of test and homework and looking forward to the day I actually get out of there… it’s mind blowing. I’m done. Well, I mean, there’s still college, but we’ll get to that when we get to it. Anyway, this is a post I’ve been working on since January as you will see below. It’s just me and my thoughts throughout the passage of time. It’s a little random, a little depressing with a pinch of attempted humor. You don’t have to read this, tomorrow I’ll be back with your regular scheduled programming. But if you’re staying, enjoy 🙂 .

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April Wrap Up + May TBR // In short, I try a lot of new things


Oh my goodness, I graduate high school this month….. I’M LOW-KEY FREAKING OUT AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO I DIDN’T THINK ABOUT IT UNTIL NOW.

An announcement of sorts: I have this project I’ve been working on for a few months… kind of a journal of sorts about graduation. I’ll be posting it probably in May or the day after graduation (the 26th). It’s a little different than what I usually post, so feel free to ignore when it happens (no hard feelings 😉 ). Continue reading “April Wrap Up + May TBR // In short, I try a lot of new things”

March Wrap Up + April TBR // To sum it up, I’m a broken record

Monthly Wrap up and TBR

Okay first things first: I made a Bookstagram! I’m still a little lost, but I did it and would be the happiest if you checked it out 😀

Now onto regular programming…

After the mentally tiring month that was February, March kicked my wallets ass. I did not mean to buy all the books but I did and I weep while I read. Like I predicted, it was an easier month, I felt so motivated to blog and had more fun with it than I’ve had in the past not saying it wasn’t fun before… AND I DID MY FIRST JOB APPLICATION SOMEONE PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. Continue reading “March Wrap Up + April TBR // To sum it up, I’m a broken record”