June Wrap – Up

I initially wasn’t going to post a wrap up. I haven’t exactly been reading this month, but also with everything happening with Roe v. Wade and our rights being stripped away from us… it’s a dark time. Truly.

However, I just need a break. So, hopefully, by reading this post… you’ll get a tiny break too.

books i’d read this month

We’re back with the rep. indicators! This idea was Romie’s @RomieWeDeserveLove so credit for the idea for these markers goes there!

🎧 – Audiobook

📚 – ARC

🌈 – LGBTQIAP+ rep.

☀️ – BIPOC rep.

🧠 – Mental Illness rep.

♿ – Disability rep.

cracked up to be – courtney summers 🧠 – dnf –

…Like I said, not a lot of reading and none that I really enjoyed. Which is fine! Not every month is gonna be a banger and as a blogger, I am slowly accepting that. I don’t need to read 1,000 books a month, just one that brings me substance.

except that one, wow it made me mad and im mad that it made me mad.

post you may have missed

can you run a book blog with only reviews?

backlist reviews

miracle creek // and then i woke up

goal check-in

❥  goodreads goal – 35/50

new goals

❥ finish darling girl

❥ one backlist book

Hmmm. This month has been tiring. I’ve finally passed my 3 month probation at work! But, now I’m exhausted. Truly.

I actually managed to watch and finish a show: Love, Victor. Ironic considering pride month, but I enjoyed it…

Listen, noting happened this month. I do know July should be more fruitful and stuff, I got plans… I also thought I had posted more content this month? Don’t really know what happened, but expect more this time around?

To end this post, I just wanted to remind ya’ll to take care of your mental health and post some links for donations. It’s the least I can do.

Act Blue // Center for Reproductive Rights // Next Gen America

How was your month? Read any good books? Celebrate Pride month? I wish I could have done more for this years pride, but you know… life. Sleepiness. The works. But, let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “June Wrap – Up”

  1. Thanks for sharing, LaRonda! I had a pretty slow reading month, as well, so.. you’re not alone in that. (Not to mention struggling my way through one of the two books I completed.)
    Fingers crossed that we’ll both have a better reading month in July. Best of luck!


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