I’m Doing a Thing… Manga May! || 2022

I had come up with this premise way in February when I was writing an entirely different post and was struggling when I starting thinking hm. that Soul Eater manga has been on my shelf since last year. whack. Next thing you know, I’m wondering what sounds better– Manga March or Manga May?

We see what I stuck with… also after my annual Black TBR , I need a break from TBR’s as a whole ya know?

But also, in last years goals and aspirations post, one of my goals was reading manga. Or more accurately, getting into manga. Which I did… by buying Soul Eater vol. 1 my FAVORITE ANIME OF ALL TIME I LOVE SOUL EATER SO MUCH.

ehem, I got carried away….

But… now what? I got my foot in and now I’m tired of doing the bare minimum, so there are some books that have been on my radar that I shall knock out this month… or at least try to.

the tbr

Soul Eater vol. 2 // A Silent Voice vol. 1 // Cells at Work! vol. 1 // Orange vol.1 // The Promised Neverland vol.1 // Tokyo Ghoul vol.1

As you can see, I’m being very eclectic with my choices, I’m giving myself the chance to see which genre will be my genre.

minus cells at work, we know what that reminds me of–

Now, Fruits Baskets is also one of my childhood favorites, but I’d like to finish Soul Eater before I super commit to another fave of mine.

But, here’s my TBR! Honestly, I really struggled with this list, so I’d love some recommendations! Any. At all. Please. However, Have you read any of these? You wanna gush about Soul Eater with me? Let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “I’m Doing a Thing… Manga May! || 2022”

      1. Oh believe me I nearly stopped reading it because of the art style as well… 😂 But it becomes so so pretty! (and lowkey dark too, which I actually really liked)


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