Must I Review Every Book I Read?

Short answer is no. There. Roll credits.

Sorry, that was rude– hi, hello, how are you?

As you know, in my post about my Goodreads shelves, I had mentioned I have a pending reviews shelf. You know, for reviews I will in the foreseeable future create. However, as I was recruiting books for said shelves, there were some books that I was on the fence for. And that led me to think– is this necessary?

not me sounding like a broken record but When I first started blogging, reviews are all I did. That’s all I’d wanted to do. And as I look back at some of those reviews… a few of them really didn’t need my two cents. You can tell I was struggling to find an opinion. Also, I’ve even noticed as of late, it has really been slowing down my mo-jo. Because fun fact: I have the memory of a goldfish. Genuinely. So starting another book while trying to retain my feelings and thoughts on another book I’m not the best note taker?

Now, because I’ve been in a short answer kind of mood if you have nothing to say, don’t force it right? Yet with me, it’s a bit different. Because I want to have something to say. Let me reiterate: I love writing reviews, it’s my favorite kind of post to write. But, I also have to keep in mind that burnout is a thing. Forcing myself to critically look at every book I read may or may not cause a creativity block; it may cause inauthenticity, may take the fun out of blogging. Reading.

It took me some time to really accept the fact that some books are just an experience. Some books are just there to enjoy in the moment. Yes, I’m a reviewer, but when can I sit down and read just to read? Where’s my down time? My enjoyment? And I see that I’ve started to categorize these books as guilty pleasuresI should not feel guilty about simply enjoying a book for what it is.

Don’t get me wrong– I can see the benefits. I view Flying Paperbacks as a time capsule, a way to look back at how I grew as a reader. Sometimes I’ll look at an old review and thing what… the hell were you thinking? Or I’ll see a book that I didn’t give a fair chance or a book that I’d reread and had a new outlook on.

Regardless, I’ve learned that not every book that I’ve read needs my voiced opinion. And I think I’m okay with that.

How do you feel about reviewing every book you read? I personally don’t mind a one sentence review on Goodreads, but a fully fledged in detail review? Oof, my brain might melt. But! Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Must I Review Every Book I Read?”

  1. I generally don’t review every book I read. With poetry collections and comic books, I just don’t know how to vocalize my thoughts, but even with regular novels, I pick and choose what I review. ARCs always get a full review, but with my personal reading, it entirely depends. Some are part of reading experiments and others I talk about as part of my mini reviews (where I briefly talk about 2-3 books in one post). There’s definitely no right or wrong formula, but if a pile of “necessary” reviews stresses you out, I don’t think it’s bad to just not do them.

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    1. I get that, especially with poetry collection. I had to push myself to actually figure out how I’d want to review such books andddddd it was hard lol.

      But, one sentence review on goodreads count too right?? I just cant find the energy to type up a fully fleshed out thing 😂

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  2. I used to review all the books I read- either on my blog or on goodreads as I figured that was why I started blogging in the first place. But writing reviews are hard and making reviews the vocal point of my blog means that when I’m on a reading slump I also don’t have content to write about :/ These days I’m getting more relaxed with my reviews lol like if I find myself having a lot to say then I review, if not then I’ll just write 1-2 sentences on goodreads! 😀

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