Series I’d Like to Finish | 2022

Short post is short, but I feel like this post is a waste. because knowing me and my commitment issues, we all know this is about to be a bust.

or maybe im going to hard on myself….

Now, I’ve noticed that in the year 2021, I kind of ditched my physically owned TBR in favor of library books and e-books and audiobooks which… considering my 2021 goals isn’t a bad thing. However, I do own too many books. I don’t know what happened to me– reading physical books feels so time consuming as of late? But… I have too many damn books. We’ll keep this list to backlist books that I can actually finish.

Strange the Dreamer duology | The Collectors Society series | Soul Eater series

Reviews ⤵

The Knife of Never Letting Go / The Ask and the Answer || The Cruel Prince

Reviews ⤵

The Diviners || The Girl of Fire and Thorns || Nevernight

Shadow of the Fox // Soul of the Sword

Goals! I won’t lie, last year was not it? I had many intentions of getting some of these books out of here and instead… reading slump? Lack of motivation? And you’ve probably seen some these books on previous post so…. regardless! Any series you’d like to finish this year? Anyone up for a buddy read? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Series I’d Like to Finish | 2022”

  1. I always struggle to finish series when I start them before they are all published! I end up making a habit of reading the first one, then waiting for the rest to be published before continuing (at which point I have forgotten most of the details…). Anyways, personally I am hoping to finally finish the Daevabad trilogy this year.

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      1. Agreed! I’m definitely a series binger. I actually started the second one a week ago and it took me awhile to get all the details back in mind, but I’ve been really enjoying it! It’s a lot of political maneuvering and plotting, low on action. So make sure that’s what you want before you start it. But if that’s what you’re in the mood for…it’s fantastic.

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    1. The Illuminae audiobooks are some of my favorite audiobooks of all time! If I had the brain power, I’d want to do a reread one day ahaha

      And I don’t know— I ended up overhyping Cruel Prince and set myself up for failure :/ but I own the entire series so I have no choice!

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