ARC August TBR || 2021

As I decided last minute to participate in #ARCAugust, I had realized that 1). I forgot this readathon existed and 2). I didn’t participate last year??? Yikes.

But! Even though this post is horrendously late, content is content anddddddd this is mostly to hold me accountable.

So basically, ARC August is a challenge hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat in which you get to all of those ARC’s that you’ve been procrastinating on.


  • Any Advanced Reading Copy counts as part of this reading challenge; your backlist books count.
  • No blog necessary to participate but you’ll need to include some form of social media as part of your sign up
  • Use the #ARCAugust on social media to check-in

Now, I had already made a Summer TBR with an ARC section there, so we can assume I’m adding those onto this list as well… you can check those out on that post.

Also, I am currently 20 ARC’s behind… but we’re going to keep it simple with six plus the three on my Summer TBR. I know I have a tendency to put too much on my plate, so I want to keep it to the ones I can potentially see myself reading this month.

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry – Joya Goffney 05.04 || Small Spaces – Katherine Arden 09.25.18

Love is a Revolution – Renee Watson 02.02 || The Project – Courtney Summers 02.02

Chosen Ones – Veronica Roth 04.07.20 || The First Sister – Linden A. Lewis 08.04.20

Now, normally I’d elaborate on why each book is on this list and such but… honestly– we all know why at this point.

(that and some of these I’m prepping for spooky season soooooo we out here.)

I don’t know why this post took me so long *ahem procrastination* but uh… ARC’s! Have you been on top of yours? Are you falling behind like a certain someone? Any books on my list that you’ve read/liked/disliked? Let me know in the comments below!

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