I Didn’t Make a Pride TBR

First things first HAPPY PRIDE! To all of my friends who are out, to those who are closeted and those still figuring it out, I’m here for you and I hope this Pride was lovely for you.

Hahaha, the fact that this post happens upon you on the last day of Pride is not lost on me. In all honesty… I just didn’t have the energy. Sorry if the post is short, but it’s an important one for me.

Now, creating TBR list’ are fun, for me at least. I get to sit in front of my bookshelf, pick out books that fit the theme of whatever the occasion is– whether it be Halloween of Christmas, I get to immerse in the season with books. Sounds amazing, right?

And one of my favorite TBR list to make are my Pride TBR’s! I do them without fail each year and they just bring me joy. I can firmly say they are one of the few list that I actually manage to stay on top of….

and I didn’t make one this year. Shocking, I know. With all of the books coming out this year… it would’ve been great.

Take away the fact that TBR’s can be stressful and such, honestly it just didn’t cross my mind to create one this year. In the past, these Pride TBR’s helped me read more diversely and coming from only reading heteronormative love stories growing up, I had noticed I was only reading queer books during the month of June… which, is good and not-so-good at the same time?

Because I shouldn’t have to depend on a TBR for that, which is what had I noticed I was doing. It was helpful at first– looking at list others made and pulling from them and finding representation that in the long run helped teenage me discover and expand on who I was. Yet, over time, my mindset subconsciously started to become “oh, I’ll read only queer books this month and that’ll be enough.” Which… in and of itself was a bit problematic.

Because fun and obvious fact: reading LGBTQIAP+ books shouldn’t be a seasonal sport. People aren’t queer one month out of the year and that’s that.

I feel like I can move past that and I have! Especially this year, I find myself just gravitating towards them.

Will I make a Pride TBR next year? Maybe. But, I’ll make one knowing I don’t need it to read the representation I want and need in my life. I can do that year round.

How has your Pride Month been? Read any good books? How do you feel about themed TBR’s? Are they helpful? Hindering? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Make a Pride TBR”

  1. The reason I don’t set TBRs is the pressure! I feel like as soon as I set an ~official intention~ that’s the last thing I want to do and my mood sours the reading experience (which does the book no good.). I did pick up a bunch of LGBTQIAP+ books last month and it was lovely. Great post and I hope you had an amazing pride!


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