February Wrap-Up

This post highkey lowkey feels like a waste of time? In a way? But, I also really like writing wrap-ups, so it isn’t really.

I did the thing again. The thing where I hype up a reading month so much that’s it’s inevitable that I fail? Which is always exciting, amirite?

But! I won’t call this month a complete fail, because according to my 2021 goals and aspirations post, I am doing well with those, which I’ll get to later.

We’re back with the rep. indicators! This idea was Romie’s @RomieWeDeserveLove so credit for the idea for these markers goes there!

🎧 – Audiobook

📚 – ARC

🌈 – LGBTQIAP+ rep.

☀️ – BIPOC rep.

🧠 – Mental Illness rep.

♿ – Disability rep.

  • The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse – Charlie Mackesy ✰✰✰.5
  • Alice { The Alice Chronicles #1 } – Christina Henry ✰✰✰✰✰ RTC 🧠
  • Wings of Ebony { Wings of Ebony #1 } – J. Elle ✰✰✰ review ☀️📚
  • The Umbrella Academy vol. 1: The Apocalypse Suite – Gerard Way ✰✰✰✰
  • The Umbrella Academy vol. 2: Dallas – Gerard Way ✰✰✰✰

A bit of a sad month compared to January, however I’m not going to get myself down. Sometimes the mood reader can’t be all Fast and Furious.

Again, not many post, even though I wanted to and had many reviews to write… the energy went missing. Yet! I gave ya’ll series I need to catch up on. Haven’t started on said list yet, but trust… I will.

  • Black Sun { Between Earth and Sky #1 } – Rebecca Roanhorse ✰✰✰.5
  • The Gilded Ones { Deathless #1 } – Namina Forna ✰✰✰✰✰

Ain’t it wild that I found another book that’s definitely making my favorites of 2021 list?????

Sooooo, a lot has happened in my personal life right? No spoilers, but things are new.

However, I’m taking my driver’s written test next (this?) month and (don’t tell my mother) I haven’t studied for it. At all. I should be fine… right? To be oh-so-honest, I’ve never been good as studying. I’ve always been a procrastinator and it’ll-work-out-in-the-end… very last minute sort of person… and yes, I’m aware that may not work in this case, soooo I have a month. Wish me luck please.

Bringing back my goals and aspirations of engaging with different types of media… I’ve started a few new shows!

The Umbrella Academy is the main one and I’m not that far into it, however I am into it. So into it that I’d bought the first volume… yay!

Anywho, expect a blog tour review of one of my most anticipated releases this month coming soon, but other than that… I’ve just been chilling. Honestly. It’s been a short month and I’m having very few words, so I’ll see ya’ll next month with something more to say.

How did February treat you? Any new shows? And good books? Did you have a good Valentines? Or Galentines? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up”

  1. The takeaway as that you did read and that you found a new favorite so there that! I also bought the Gilded Ones and you made me want to pick it up ASAP! 🥰 Good luck for your driver’s license test! You can do this 💕

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