Series to Catch Up On || 2021

I have a thing with series. This we know. But! It is a new year, and January started off so well and I’d like to finally finish something.

ignore the fact that as of writing this post, I am one book behind schedule. the AUDACITY.

Now, this is a sequel only post. We don’t need to start anything right now. I’m also going to out the focus on backlist books… most of these I already own, so I really have no excuse.

Monsters of Men – Patrick Ness || If ya’ll have been here for a while, you’ll know that this book has been on every TBR since 2019? 2018? It’s been some years. This series just made me more emo than I thought? I am quite attached so… NERVES.

Hero at the Fall – Alwyn Hamilton || This book is damn near 500 pages. And as much as I liked book two… it took a long time to actually finish it. Babe was hefty.

Escaping from Houdini – Kerri Maniscalco || I had actually heard some… not so nice things about this one? Which, is unfortunate, seeing as not only had I preordered it, I had gotten the B&N special edition as well. So, there’s that.

The Girl in the Tower – Katherine Arden || This series (or at least book one) had put me in a reflective… contemplative state. That’s not a bad thing! But, again, I need to be in the right head space for that.

Lair of Dreams – Libba Bray || BIG BOOKS ARE BIG. And considering I own up to book three, there really is no excuse except that I had the thought of only reading these during the Halloween season… I’m clearly not thinking straight.

Midnight Beauties – Megan Shepard || Another book I had actually preordered, the concept is great… execution was meh for me, but not enough for me not to get this one.

Storm of Locust Rebecca Roanhorse || After reading Trail of Lightning a while back, I had become an insta-fan of hers? And as much as Urban Fantasy is a hit-or-miss for me, this clearly hit, so I’d like t continue.

Fire – Kristin Cashore || If I told you I wasn’t planning on reading this series, would you believe me? I had a very strange bias towards companion novels back in the day, but if my love for Graceling says anything… this was inevitable.

Night of the Dragon – Julie Kagawa || There’s no fun story behind this one; I just really like this series and this is probably the one I’ve confident I’ll actually complete on this list.

The Wicked King – Holly Black || I OWN THEM ALL. EVERY B&N EDITION. BECAUSE I’M A GOOFY. And if you’ve seen my review of the first book, you’ll see why I’m a goofy.

I was trying to keep it cute with just ten books, but we all know there’s more… there’s ALWAYS more. But! Tell me some series you’re aiming to finish/catch up on this year! Any on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Series to Catch Up On || 2021”

  1. Ugh I’m really bad with series too and I really want to knock some of them off my list! My priority this year will be to either DNF or finish The Lunar Chronicles and Throne of Glass series.

    It took me so long to read The Wicked King after The Cruel Prince, but it was sooo good I immediately started QoN afterwards!

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  2. I feel you, there are so many series that I’m hoping to catch up on, especially as I tend to procrastinate reading the last book in a series! I still haven’t read the final book of the Renegades, Scythe, and Jackaby series despite them being among my favorites 😅 I definitely want to read The Bear and the Nightingale someday though, as I’ve heard such good things about it 😊


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