My Favorite Books over the Years.

It’s the end of a decade! And… I didn’t know how I’d formulate this post. Because this year… wasn’t my best year when it came to reading… or life in general (but we won’t go there). Not only did I have to cut my Goodreads challenge in half, but this was just the year of the slump. The biggest slump. EVER.

So! I did a poll on Instagram and Twitter shameless plug here and decided to highlight some of my favorite books ever since the start of my blogging… career? Is that what I’m calling it?

Regardless, I have an entire Goodreads shelf dedicated to my all time favorites as well as an almost-perfect-but-not-quite shelf that I will be referencing, so I’d advise ya’ll check them out because I’m just highlighting here… we don’t need this post being 20 million words.

The Other’s series

I’m going to begin with the series that started it all, The Others series. The series of my heart. The slowest of slow-burn romances. Of found family. of just EVERYTHING.

Even years later, these books make my heart race with joy. There are so many fond memories here. I can firmly say this is one of the only series I have stayed on top of. I mean, I was up at midnight on school days waiting for it to download on my Nook and reading them until the early mornings.

This is the one series that just encapsulates everything in me, words will never embody my adoration for these books.

I have a review of the sixth book, Lake Silence here.

Wolf by Wolf duology

A duology that happened upon me by chance and fate alone.

Long story short, back when I was merely lurking through the bookish community, I was entering all kinds of giveaways… and I just so happened to win this book. I won another one of Graudin’s books, but this is the one that stuck with me. This was such a unique duology for me, a first in terms of genre and characters and themes, Wolf by Wolf shifted and molded something in me when it comes to my taste in the type of characters and stories I like…

and Blood for Blood broke me. I’m going to keep bringing up the fact that I cried in my bathroom for 30 solid minutes??? Home alone???It took me a while to even look at these books (I did hide them on my shelves) let alone consider giving them a re-read.

The Hunger Games series

Of course I have to talk about this series. Though, what if I told you not only had I seen the movies first, but I was ardently against seeing them when they first came out?

Yes, I was one of those kids who didn’t want to be like everyone else and go against the mainstream of being obsessed with this franchise… and I failed. Miserably. It would be years until I finally binge the series (and the final movie had been out), but again, the franchise as a whole is damn near perfect in my eyes. No I will not being taking questions at this time.

Aha, this wouldn’t be a list with my name on it if I didn’t talk about the book that encapsulates me in every sense of the word. The book I’d give you if you ever wanted to know about me.

I gush about this book all over this blog, but if you haven’t caught wind– I ADORE this book and everything about it. Not to get all gushy here, but this book may or may not have changed my life. I’d acknowledged my asexuality for some years now, but this book gave me the confidence to to out and open about it. I’ll forever be grateful for that.

I personally wouldn’t call myself a middle grade reader. They seem a bit too juvenile for me and I do realize that I’m not the targeted audience. However, this book brought me so much joy over the years. I’d call this a comfort read, a book I come back often to (which, again, I’m very loud about the fact the me and rereading don’t really mesh well).

One of the first Sci-Fi books I had ever read. And when I say I was also reluctant about reading this because of pure against the mainstream mentality I had back then, I mean it.

I had seen this book all over my school desk, advertised in my school and public library and it was winning tons of awards. I also believed sci-fi wasn’t my genre– I was more of a fantasy reader honestly. Yet again, a lot of first were unlocked here. One of the first books to make me laugh ALOUD. A book that made me think huh… math isn’t as annoying as I thought (but only by a little). It was just a good time.

Soul Eaters series

One of the first books (are you seeing a pattern?) I had read about strong female characters that don’t need no man and relied on each other. About morally gray girls out for themselves and the friends who had their backs along the way, who go to hell and back with them.

And in a time where there were tons of books about chosen ones and special snowflakes and the not like others girls rhetoric, books about girls being pitted against each other for a boys attention and the lack of girl friendships, this was not only a shock, but a delightful breath of fresh air.

As someone who claims they like poetry… this was the first books I had read in verse. And here is another book pivotal in my character development.

Honestly, as someone who grew up in a rigid Christian household and was in a limbo on where I was going in that regard, this gave me solid ground? It gave me a sense of it’s okay to question, to be uncertain.

I was going to try and make this a 20 for 2020 kind of post… but I couldn’t do it for reasons. But! Tell me some some your all time favorites, the books that may have changed your life, the book that encapsulates you in most (if not all )ways possible– let me know in the comments below!

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