Disappointing Books of 2o2o

I initially wasn’t going to make this post. Honestly, this year was kind of meh, full of books I didn’t have any strong feelings bout either way.

(afterwards, I went on Goodreads to do my research and realized I’d have enough books to make this post… happen).

But, then the thing happened on Twitter and I am nothing if not a petty Virgo. So, here we are.

{Now, a disclaimer: I don’t dislike these authors personally. I promise. And I’ll more than likely read their other works. These just didn’t hit for me and that’s O.K.}

The Sounds of Stars

Not only was this one of my most anticipated releases, but I also participated in the blog tour… and I hate that I didn’t like this book.

I just… when the only thing getting me through a book is deliriously laughing at everything because there’s a lot of WTF happening… and I STILL couldn’t finish it?? It’s not fun. And according to my past self– It went from funny to irritating REAL QUICK.

Angel Time

Another one I absolutely hate that I didn’t like, because a friend recommended it to me as one of her favorites books of all time… and I didn’t think overly preachy books would irritate me?

Maybe it was the pretentious writing, or the very confusing plot, or the fact the things did not flow very well and things were not explained, but I pushed through this purely for a friend. Otherwise this definitely would have been a DNF for me.

Red Hood

The amount of rage from this one… is surmount. Which I wasn’t expecting to happen, considering this book should have been made for me (enough to where I jumped at the chance to be on the blog tour yet again).

Little Red Riding Hood retelling? Feminism? Girl power and friendship? Hard hitting topics? SOUNS LIKE MY THING AND IT WASN’T.

There was too much exclusions and hypocrisy for me to even tolerate or excuse it. The fact that I raged through the ending says a lot.

If It Makes You Happy

I will never shut up about how Claire Kann wrote one of my ALL TIME favorite books of 2018… so this one hurt. The fact that it has a fat, Black main character in a queerplatonic relationship as well as a love triangle no less made my heart sing… but, it just felt all over the place in the little bit I had read.

And for such a long book, things shouldn’t feel crammed together in such a short amount of pages. I couldn’t really feel the characters and overall, I was just discombobulated…. and I’m SAD. 

Gideon the Ninth

YES, I’m counting this one on this list because though I started it last year… I decided to DNF it in 2020. I feel like I was forcing myself to like it because hype, when in reality it just…. wasn’t?? my?? thing??

From the characters I couldn’t connect to, to the humor that I was promised would deliver (and yes, I’m aware that humor is subjective), to the overall slowness of it all… I can’t really say much.

The cover is quite lovely, though.

Worst of books 2020? Have you read any of these? Do you agree with me or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Disappointing Books of 2o2o”

  1. The ending of The Sound of Stars frustrated me so much and made me regret struggling through the book. At first, I also found it funny and interesting, but then I quickly got irritated with the slow pace and my lack of attachment to the characters 🥺

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  2. I really loved Claire Kann’s writing style in her debut but I haven’t tried her latest book yet. I guess the premise seemed interesting but it’s too bad it wasn’t your cup of tea.


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