Bookish Traditions

I was setting up the Christmas tree with my mother and my sister (why they decided on pink and silver is BEYOND me} when a thought came into my mind…We all have our Christmas traditions, right? It gets you in the holiday spirit— hell, even someone like me, the most Grinch/ Scrooge you’ll ever meet, has a bit of fun. But, that led to me thinking, bookish traditions, amirite?

Think of it as a way to… motivate yourself, I don’t know. However, I thought I’d make some content out of the strange routines I do when reading.

First starting this blog, I had a very set way of doing things when it came to reading and getting through books and blogging, there’s really only three that come to mind:

Lighting a candle when I’m done

A little off topic– my sister and I bought these little black lanterns for… some reason, right? And I had all of these tea lights.. and I needed a reason to get rid of them…

You get where I’m going, yeah?

Back when I could manage 10+ books a month, I wanted a celebratory thing to commemorate me finishing something. Not that exciting but *shrugs*.

Halfway mark discussion with The Mom™

I treat this as a sort of intermission, a break from what I’m reading and a time to get my thoughts together. Which also means talking to someone who does not read the kind of books I do. It’s a bit funny, sometimes frustrating (they’re in LOVE MOM GEEZ), but something I do to engage in conversations and stuff*

*I’m procrastinating finishing this book essentially.

Last month of the year? Tomes and Unattainable Goals

I don’t know what it is with the very end of the year, but as the weather gets colder, the books get longer and I end up with 20+ books on a TBR I won’t follow and a sense of urgency to finish as many books as I can… that could probably kill a man with how big and heavy it is. I call this a tradition because I do this without fail each year with the same results. When will things change.

(spoiler: they won’t).

A bit of a short post, but one I thought would be fun to make nonetheless. But! Tell me some of your bookish traditions in the comments below!

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