Might I Recommend… Spooky reads for Newbies?

2020 is the year I guess I’m a spooky binch? Because my excitement for the holiday is times 10.

And I’ve been making spooky TBR’s for a few years even though the genre isn’t exactly my go to? So! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to bring back my recommendation series and greet the season with a smile (or grimace… because spooks.)

Now… I’m still a baby when it comes to this… genre (?) of books. Which is the point! But… this list may be a bit short– I promise I’ll amp it up next year.

The Girl from the Well duology by Rin Chupeco

After reading and LOVING Chupeco’s Bone Witch series, I just had to get my hands on whatever they had going on next… and this was next up.

These two books had everything you (and I) could want–  a ghost who murders child rapists and abusers, a boy who can see her and may be harboring an evil spirit in him that needs to be released and a whole bunch of unsettling imagery and topics?

Also if you love The Ringthis is 100% up your alley, trust.

Market of Monsters series by Rebecca Schaeffer

I have yet to read the final book as of writing this post (it’s on my TBR this month I promise) but, this is another series I would definitely recommend which is why it’s on this list of course. It appealed to the darkest parts of my soul.

Unapologetic morally grey (more like black) villainous girls who’ll do anything to get what they want? Evil characters who aren’t given excuses for their actions? Mutilation? The black market of MONSTERS? Kidnapping? A SCARY MOTHER (I swear she was the scariest character hands down). AND MONSTERS. I MENTIONED MONSTERS RIGHT???

The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones

Ignoring the giant skull on the cover, this story is great for the season… it’s about zombieskind of.

Yes, there’s our main character who’s a gravedigger, who has looked death in the eyes and said teach me your ways, who’s dealing with too much trying to keep her family safe…

But, it’s also about grief and death and letting go and strong sibling bonds and loyalty… with zombies. And an undead goat. And banter for daaayysssss.

This book made me feel things, that’s all I’m saying.

Sadie by Courtney Summers

This book is unsettling in the sense of how realistic it is? I always say the scariest books are ones that mirror real life and this is a story we have all seen too many times.

The mystery of a dead sister and the lengths Sadie will go to avenge her, the horror of men and young girls, the spiral into achieving revenge. This book punches you in the throat with you going on this journey with the characters, the breadcrumbs we are given to keep us almost to the uncovered mystery, but not quite …

This is the story of a faceless girl in a world where she is destined to fade into the background. A story of a girl that is hardly told, let alone believed... but is real all the same.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power

Now… I did give this book three stars. But! I still recommend. I didn’t know abandoned boarding schools and girls fending for themselves in a sort of Lord of the Flies kind of thing would be my thing? But it is, I guess.

Plus, there’s mean characters and cinnamon roll characters, both with a hidden depth they don’t just let anyone see and characters who are just floating through life until someone they love is hurt . There’s girls with guns and a disease that mutates your body, whether it be a claw hand or razor like bones jutting out of your back. There’s survival… and the strength of girls willing to go the length to stay alive.

And there are sapphics. Enough said, right?

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

Another one of my favorite books from last year, this one creeped me outbut not in the way that you’d think. Yes, there are missing girls, a paranormal force called The Collector (which… if you’ve seen the movie with the same name, also creeped me out??) and trauma with a family in town that may have more to do with the missing girls than they let on.

But also, this had one of my favorite representations of asexuality rep. With a character I could relate to hardcore, I just… I won’t say this book meant a lot to me in that regard… but it absolutely did.

This list was more so my beginner spooky reads, but have you read any of these? Did I convince you to add them to your TBR (please say yes…) And of course, recommend me some creepy reads in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Might I Recommend… Spooky reads for Newbies?”

      1. I honestly didn’t really think about it until recently when everyone’s been talking about it. It reminded me how much I loved it and how much I still remember. She has a new book coming out next year.


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