Summer Vibes Book Tag

I feel like it’s fitting to do a tag, specifically THIS tag considering it is summer and I should capitalize on that, right??? I was tagged by Ashlee @ Books Are 42 and I super appreciate it, it was fun to do (if not a bit hard because I DON’T READ SUMMERY BOOKS)

And though I didn’t have to stick with summery books… I did. Even is I cheated a tiiiiinny bit.


  • Mention the creator and link back to the original post! (Deanna @ The Comfy Reader)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Answer all the prompts below however you see fit
  • Tag some friends!
  • Feel free to use the graphics

The Beach: A Book Set Somewhere Tropical

Summer Bird Blue is set in Hawaii… this… counts?? I believe?? During the summer, too, now that I think about it…

(It’s been so long since I’ve read this one, I cried a lot don’t judge).

Either way, I love this book with my entire heart and soul, thanks.

Here’s a review where I’m in my feelings.

Music Festival: A Book with a Focus on Music

This was really hard, so I’m cheating and going with This Savage Song. I mean, it’s a valid answer: they steal your soul with instruments (don’t question me let me have this).

And though this isn’t a summer book, I believe it was first published in the summer and I read it in the summer, so I’m keeping the theme.

I have a review for book one and book two if you want to see two conflicting opinions.

Watermelon: A Book with a Juicy Secret

When the Sky Fell on Splendor is very much so a summer, Stranger Things kind of vibes. Aliens and the CIA and a group of friends trying to find out what’s happening without letting anyone know…

And tears. Lots and lots… of TEARS. My brand, don’t be surprised.

A review of me blubbering is here.

Water Park: A Book Set Near or on The Water

Let Me List the Ways fits… they go to the beach A LOT.

Okay, I don’t really know or remember all of that (they did go at least once), however, I know they live by the beach….

But! I really enjoyed this book. I was tempted to use it as an answer for the next question, but I have restraint.

I have a review here.

Ice Cream: A Book or Genre That is a Guilty Pleasure

Romance is always a not-so-guilty pleasure, and I can’t just pick one, so here are two:

The A.I. That Loved Me because I was not expecting it and it was… spicy if you catch my drift *wink wink nudge nudge*.

Beach Read because this trope was to DIE for…. yesssss.

Picnic with Friends: A Book About Friendship

How We Roll is one I almost forgot about! Definite friendship vibes (and goals if I’m honest) and an overall good time??? And it was low drama! Always a plus in my book.

I forgot how good this was, I may need a re-read…

But, I have a review if you want to see how much I really liked this one.

Road Trip: A Book that Takes You on an Adventure

I’ve made it known how much I ADORE Kristina Forest’ work since her debut I Wanna Be Where You Are. And she was kind enough to send me an ARC T_T .

Now That I’ve Found You is the first one that comes to mind… it’s also my second five star read, so there’s that.

I don’t have a review for that one (yet), but you can see me gush about IWBWYA if you want.

Sunburn: A Book that you Regret Reading

Wow, this list is LONG. In the theme of light-hearted, cute books here are two:

A Question of Us (review… ish): both characters are annoying and I got a lot more drama than I anticipated. Which SUCKS BECAUSE LOOK AT THAT COVER.

The Summer of Chasing Mermaids: I don’t remember much about this book, but I do remember the struggle with getting through the book and only liking one very minor character.

Summer Dress: A Book that is Light and Cute

Truly, Madly, Royally is the EPITOME of light and cute. Seriously: it’s quick, it’s low drama and it made my black heart soar.

Very much so Harry and Meghan vibes, black girls being happy and thriving and giving back to their community… UGH MY HEART.

I have a review squealing here.

Mosquito: A Book with an Annoying Character

Wow, look two questions up, AMIRITE?

I’m joking, I’m joking– I have more books with annoying characters I can give you, I promise.

From Twinkle, with Love was one of the most disappointing reads I had in 2019, only because the main character was…. irredeemable in my eyes. I kind of hated her. And I couldn’t finish the book. So, there’s that.

Again, review here if you want an in depth description of my issues with this book.

Guess who I’m tagging…?

Give me your best summer reads…. I need them for reading slump purposes.

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