Clearing My Shelves for the New Year

I don’t know if it’s the decade ending or if I’m just in a reminescent mood, but I remember a time when I could self-identify as a book hoarder.

Despite the fact that I only had one shelf to work with and no job and no money and no time to read all of these booksI couldn’t let them go. Even the ones I couldn’t really say I liked.

So, as of recent, I’ve let some books go. It wasn’t as sad as I thought it’d be.

The Mediocre

{Reviews: Everlost; Everwild; First & Then; Warcross}

I didn’t have any strong feelings for you in the first place, but my biases led me to hold on.

And honestly, when I look at you, you bring me no joy.

Our Love has Soured over Time

{Review: Hunted}

From books 16 year old me loved to books that covers trapped me to books that I don’t look at the same anymorethese had to go.

I Don’t Plan on Reading You

I bought you in the heat of the moment and I’m finally letting you go. #sorrynotsorry

I just kind of see you on my shelves taking space and halfheartedly think, I’m TOTALLY going to read you one day, don’t worry while reaching for Graceling for the 8th time.

Honorable Mentions

{Reviews: The Invisible Library; The Masked City; The Burning Page; The Lost Plot; The Mortal Word}

The Invisible Library series – I plan to get these on ebook… I already have books 4 and 5 in that format and it doesn’t make sense to have these on my shelves when I’m still interested in continuing the series, but I’m not really passionate about said series as it is anymore…

Are you letting any books go for the new decade? Should I keep any of these? Have you read any of these? Let me know!

8 thoughts on “Clearing My Shelves for the New Year”

  1. A month or so ago I unhauled about 60 something books to make room on my shelves, but also get rid of the ones that were not bringing me joy anymore. I unhaul quite often though, maybe once every two or three months.

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