Changes in my Reading Life || {TTT}

Top Ten Tuesday was created by  The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.

This is one of those things where it kind of hit me out of nowhere. Because the change was… I can’t say subtle… I’m just obtuse.

However comma if I’m thinking back to the very beginning, ya girl has changed a lot. And I realize how ridiculous some of these things are, but it’s fine. Don’t judge me.

I used to hate reading books about kids.

Back when I was younger, me and kids did not get along. I wanted nothing to do with them and books with kids used to be annoying to me. Maybe I was reading the wrong books, but I just couldn’t tolerate them.

Now, I don’t normally go for them…. but I can read them and I don’t make them my bias anymore.

I don’t review every book I read

I remember when I felt like I had to review everything I consumed…even DNFs. And as of late, that’s become a bit stressful? So… I stick to one sentence explanations on Goodreads and leave it at that. 

I mean, if my feelings are that strong, I’m ranting. 

I don’t review every book I read immediately after I finish it

There are pros and cons to this: on one hand, it’s less stressful trying to find out what to say and getting it out fast and furious and it gives me time to get my emotions in check. Because I’ve noticed if I wait to write, sometimes my feelings/rating changes. On the other hand, if I wait too long, I forget my emotions and feelings and then I struggle even more.

Which is why I write skeleton drafts and keep it pushing until I’m ready.

I’m not ashamed that I read New Adult

Now, let me pause- I wouldn’t really say I was ashamed to read New Adult. But, I was reading it when I was… a bit young to be reading this. And I did feel a bit weird updating my Goodreads shelves and letting the Goodreads population know I was reading naughty reads. Now, I don’t care, I READ WHAT I READ PEEPS.

I don’t stress too much over my reading slumps

You can’t not stress over reading slumps and getting behind on ARC’s, but I don’t let get to me too much. If it happens, it happens and as I always say: “If you force it, it just becomes worse.”

I don’t feel a need to finish a book in one sitting… as much.

Back when I didn’t have a job and I had all the time in the world, I wouldn’t start a book without the 100% knowledge that I’d finish it in one sitting. Now, I’ve found a joy in reading bits and pieces throughout a week. Do I still really like to finish a book in one go? YeahWill I still try to accomplish that? Of course. But again, really appreciate how accomplished I feel when I get even a tiny bit done a day.

I don’t buy many books

This year, I can fully say I have not bought a lot of books. Back in the day, I could buy 100+ books a year, which… isn’t helpful honestly for my shelves… I need room, you know?

And when I do buy a book, I either really want it or it’s an ebook on a great deal…. saved a lot of money this year for other important things.

I don’t freak out about having more than one edition of a book on my shelves

I used to be quite adamant that it’s a waste of money (for me) to own multiple copies of the same book. I only had one shelf and I needed to utilize that space accordingly. But now two books max is all that I can handle. And they have to be super special/different. And I try not to make it a habit.

I’m on the book subscription bandwagon

This was truly the year of me trying new things. I make my own money now and I have some freedom to get things I want. So we’re fully a fan of Owlcrate and DreamyandCo.

Link to photo

I don’t get anxious putting more than one book on my Goodreads currently reading” shelf

Link to photo

I know, I know…. ridiculousBut, I guess it’s that feeling of being overwhelmed; I like to finish a thing before I start another thing, so I’m a bit more lax when it comes to books… but everything else in life I won’t compromise with.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Top Ten list, but tell me some changes in your reading/blogging life??? Any of these on your list? Any of these seem ridiculous to you (it’s okay, you can let me know, I won’t mind)??

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