Books as Candy in my Trick-or Treat bag ft. the sister {Might I Recommend spin off?}


It’s the sPoOkY season— the monsters are out to play as well as the children and they both like one thing: candy.

Now, I don’t really have a sweet tooth, that’s a once in a blue moon sort of thing , but I can’t deny candy is a pretty vital component of Halloween as a whole.

Annnnddddd with the help of my lovely older sister, we’re going to be giving you candy… and the books that go with them.

I’ll be giving the recs as the book afficianado of the duo and she’ll be describing the candy since she’s a literal candy monster, ‘kay?

The Sister: Sweet, salty, sour, mean, nice, fun, memorable, flavorful, intense.

Me:… tHaT’s It???

She didn’t really know what I was asking of her, so think of this as a test run.

Um… asshole characters with a heart of gold. Boom.

(I also really love this series. Soul eaters, demons vs. religious people, amazing female friendships, one badass character is disabled… greatness.)

My love for this series could be accosted to the fact that I adore the Soul Eater anime… but we won’t get into that.

The Sister: Ordinary, but good, they’re favorable… universally liked… and they work well in decorations?

Me: Do people still use Red Vines as decoration these days?

Her: I don’t think so, for Christmas maybe???

Me: *stares in this is a Halloween post what is you doin’ baby*

I’ve been seeing a lot of hate-to-love hype on Twitter and I’m counting it as a universally liked trope. And I don’t think I’ve mentioned this series? Is a series? That I’ve read in my teens? And really liked???

It’s very complicated— a woman self destructing goes to a rehab of sorts, a person *wink wink* or two don’t want her there and it takes a few books for them to… get some communication going yeah?

I mean, it’s more than the romance, it’s actually really touching on self love and healing and relapsing, but… it fits.

Couldn’t find a Sweet Tart gif… yikes.

The Sister: Loved them as a kid, sweet, tangy…it had that almost sour but not sour taste… it’s a childhood favorite.

Me: Sweet Tarts are those things kids pretended to smoke in class, right?

Her:…What? No…..

(she’s too old for that era of kids).

I feel like this shouldn’t count, because I talk about this book on a day to day bases to anyone who will listen, but hi, I love this book?

Anyone can read it, it has goofy poetry, poetry that kind of makes you think and maybe I’m wearing my nostalgia goggles, but this rec is still valid.

The Sister: Love love love, especially cherry and apple— once every blue moon you’ll crave grape, but cherry and apple? Top favorites. And the sour ones? Best. Sour apple? OMG. The chewy ones? Not that good.

Me: So you would say Jolly Ranchers are your favorite of the bunch…?

Her: *as her eyes glaze over* Yeaaahhhhhhh …

I guess I’d rec another favorite of mine and I’m pretty sure many people have heard of this book, but I just have a real appreciation for it. Survival? A main character who does what needs to get done, Found family in scary times?

Again with the nostalgia goggles (because it’s been a minute since I’ve reread it) but I still remember the love I had for this book and how that ending was the first second time I’d read an ending that made me shocked but earned my cold-hearted respect.

Again, couldn’t find a Dum Dum  gif… yikes.

The Sister: *stares in confusion*

Me: *Googles a picture of a Dum Dum because someone acts like they don’t know what a Dum Dum is -_-*

Her: Look, you don’t know what a Dum Dum is until you see one and then you’re like oh yeahhhhh.

So, I’m recommending a reread. That one book that you read and loved back in 2012 that’s buried in the back of your Nook/Kindle? You know the one. Go back to it. Remind yourself of your days where you obsessed over this book/series. Relive it.

Candy…. which one is your favorite? For me, you can never go wrong with a gummy anything XD . Have you read any of these? Do you have any other recommendations? Let me know!!

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