So You Can’t Listen to your Audiobook…

Super relevant post because I am currently listening to my first audiobook of 2019. 2019 resolutions who?

Look, forget my last post back in 2018 oops saying how much we don’t get along, I still managed to buy quite a few of them.

And I get it: your or my let’s be real mind tends to blank, leaving you 10 paragraphs ahead of where you thought you were.

I personally have no time to actually listen to them. You could say listening to them while doing chores, on break, in the car/bus/plane/train/etc….

Keep in mind- great suggestions that I do use occasionally...I know it looks easy. But when you have someone in your life who talks a lot and has that one earphone in, one earphone out rule because you may miss something that they said that was definitely important no shade mom I love you it’s kind of difficult.

<small.That came off really defensive I swear I'm fine

But then there’s the intimidation that audiobooks have. Thirteen hours???? Slow reading??? 30% more brain power is being used???

SO, here are some tips on how to stay focused from someone who can’t stay focused.

Sit down

I’m not being sarcastic, you don’t want to be cooking dinner, get to that part in the book and you not only burn you arm, you burn your food.

Read along

This is my main form of staying focused, especially with books that are formatted with interviews and files and transcripts cough cough Illuminae cough

But, I’m reading along… can’t get more focused than that, right????

Don’t listen for long periods

I’m still kind of iffy on this point, I know my brain will occasionally turn to mush, I’ll miss chunks of the story and I am too lazy to go back and relisten.

And I know when I listen or read a bit a day, especially when I’m clearly in a slump, it makes me feel more productive and kind of pulls me out of said slump??

But, sometime, I will binge an entire audiobook in one go. It depends on your mood and how short the book is in general, so do you boo.

Choose your Genre

The Book Stop mentions a podcast, What Should I Read Next that talk about genres that work in the audio format, but that made me realize… most of the books I listen to are Sci-fi. As a matter of fact… They’re 99% of the time full cast, with sound effects and 20 million years long.

And I know I couldn’t listen to any Contemporaries, or Romances, but I know people who could. So find what works for you.

Wow, that was literally the message of this post: find what works for you. So tell me your favorite audiobooks, some tip on listening to more or what genres you can/can’t listen to!

2 thoughts on “So You Can’t Listen to your Audiobook…”

  1. I LOVE how you mentioned reading along with Illuminae as an example, because I just realized how much the printed book needed to be present during this audiobook experience. I felt SO lost at times, and it wasn’t until I brought out my paperback copy that I was able to follow some of the story. Haha. I also don’t recommend listening to audiobooks while cooking, because I personally don’t want to light my house on fire. Great post, LaRonda! ❤

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    1. Thank you! I know a lot of the appeal of Illuminae is the formatting and how pretty the book looks inside, but so much is happening also (sound effects and all of that) so I definitely needed a little extra help staying on track XD


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