My Netgalley/Edelweiss Shelves are a Mess {Pt. 6}

I haven’t done one of these since AprilSo it’s understandable that I went kind of wild on that request button.

That and something weird happened? That I’ll elaborate on down below???

Full Disclosure – Camryn Garrett | Shenwei on Twitter was so kind to send this to me; it is one of my most anticipated releases of the year and I am eternally grateful.

Small Spaces {Small Spaces #1}- Katherine Arden | I know this book came out in 2018, but it was available on Netgalley for 24 hours and I jumped on it… it’s also partially Melanie’s fault not gonna lie.

The Bone Houses – Emily Lloyd Jones | If I don’t shout about my love for her book The Hearts We Sold… FAVORITE BOOK OF ALL TIME. THIS WAS A GIVEN/

The Speed of Falling Objects – Nancy Richardson Fischer | The concept alone interested me: a girl goes on a trip with her dad and his film crew for his T.V. show for bonding and  the plane crashes in a jungle. Ensue complicated feelings and a journey of self discovery

The Babysitters Coven {The Babysitters Coven #1} – Kate Williams | To be honest, I’m hoping this is queer. And the cover is GORGEOUS.

Gravemaidens {Gravemaidens #1} – Kelly Coon | Another GORGEOUS cover, but it was Amanda who really sold me on this 😀 .

A House of Rage and Sorrow {The Celestial Trilogy #2} – Sangu Mandanna | I… haven’t read book one???? But Justine told me to, so I will.

Who Put This Song On? – Morgan Parker | This book I believe is a bit of an autobiography of sorts, but the premise alone sounds like something I could relate to, which is always a plus.

A Single Light {The Line Between #2} – Tosca Lee | In case you didn’t know, this was my first five star book of 2019! So, of course I had to jump on this… I may even be on the street team????????? Maybe???????????????

Nowwwww….. here’s where the issue comes in… I may have been whitelisted??? So ya girl understandably went wild.

I may split this into 2-parts??? Cause it’s a lot.

A Heart so Fierce and Broken* {Cursebreakers #2} – Brigid Kremmer

Sick Kids in Love* – Hannah Moskowitz

A Dream so Dark* {A Blade So Balck #2} – L.L. McKinney

The Good Luck Girls* {The Good Luck Girls #1} – Charlotte Nicole Davis

* So I was initially denied ALL OF THESE BOOKS STARRED. And then I came back one day and saw they said download soooooooooooooo I may have been whitelisted????????/ I didn’t even know that could happen on Edelweiss???


Pumpkinheads – Rainbow Rowell | I have been really looking forward to this one as soon as the cover was released, but it’s a graphic novel and I’m scared the formatting will be messed up??????? Which happened earlier in the month with another E-ARC I’d recieved

Darkdawn {The Nevernight Chronicles #3} – Jay Kristoff | KEEP IN MIND i AM JUST NOW STARTING GODSGRAVE TODAY. Honestly, I wasn’t going to request it…. and didn’t really in the end. It said download and next thing you know, it’s on my kindle.

The Girl the Sea Gave Back – Adrienne Young | I LOVED THE FIRST BOOK. ARE WE SURPRISED?????

Yeah… if you thought that was a lot….. wait for part 6.1 yeah, we’re doing it fellas.

So… how’s your shelves looking? Do you have any of these? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “My Netgalley/Edelweiss Shelves are a Mess {Pt. 6}”

  1. Your ARC shelves are giving me anxiety. I get nervous when my ARC Shelf has more than 5 books, currently, it’s at 4. I received an ARC of Full Disclosure a few months ago and it’s such an amazing book.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am currently reading the Girl the sea gave back, but from Netgalley. Enjoying it so far, hopefully finish it int he next few days.,
    Your shelves aren’t that bad, Full of good looking books so should be easy to get through.

    Liked by 1 person

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