The Confession Chronicles || The Journey to Getting the ARC {#5}

I traveled high and low, going through multiple websites, conquering request buttons until I had to slay the final dragon…

I was thinking I’d make this a tips kind of post from someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but as I started a skeleton draft of what this post was going to be, it….. it didn’t turn out the way I was anticipating.


And in all honesty, really don’t know what I’m doing. Never say never, but… definitely not right now.

So enjoy this weird story-time… thingy.

I believe the first ARC I had ever received from an author that I requested via email was Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young really good book btw — but before that, I’d kept seeing great reviews for it and decided to request it on Netgalley. This was when I was transitioning to Edelweiss, so Netgalley was a primary E-ARC source… I mean…I was declined… But it was okay! Edelweiss had the same book! Let’s request there.

And I waited… and waited… and waited

Eventually I kind of forgot that I requested it, until I woke up to check my phone and saw that dreaded email. I clicked it… and got declined -_- .

So, I decided to do the next best thing: enter a few giveaways. I wasn’t banking on Goodreads— I’ve only won those twice, but it didn’t hurt, right?

You probably can guess how that went.

Finally, I decided to google a million and one blog post on How to Request ARC’s Directly from Publishers.

Here’s a few that helped actually:

Yeah… I went through a few.

I mentioned this before, but anxiety is a thing… that happens when I feel I’m doing something important… and rejection is a plausible thing… so I took a few days to work up my nerves. I typed up my email (with the help of said blog post’), pressed that send button and immediately started hyper ventilating. This was a whole new thing for me. Netgalley and Edelweiss gave me that window pane that separated reviewer from the publisher… Now I just talk to them!?

Long story short, she emailed back and I received an E-ARC. Which is exciting! If I’m honest, I didn’t know they could do that don’t judge me but it was a moment for me 🙂

When people say that a year is usually your probation for recieving ARC’s from publishers, they weren’t joking. Not saying I thought they were, but I started receiving E-ARC’S a month into blogging??

I never know how to end these really, but… tell me your ARC adventures???

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