April Wrap-Up + May TBR || I’m a working (wo)man

Keeping it short and sweet I’m lying I got a job!!!!!!!!

I should be starting soon and there will be a post about it kind of in May for sure, but uhhhhhhhhhhhh

I’m super nervous. Send help.

I’m going to be using my rep indicators in my wrap up. This idea was Romie’s @RomieWeDeserveLove so credit for the idea for these markers goes there!

🌈 = books with lgbt+ representation

🌞 = representation of people of colour

♿ = disability rep

🌸 = mental illness rep

Seedling on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update= buddy read

✔ = was on my monthly tbr

📚 = physical book

Memo on Microsoft  = ARC

  • The Devouring Gray { The Devouring Gray #1 } – Christine Lynn Herman ✰ + review 🌈 ♿ 🌸📚 Memo on Microsoft
  • The Problem with Forever – Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Bucket List to Love – C.P. Santi ✰  🌞
  • Further to Fall – Catherine Cowles
  • The Cruel Prince { The Folk of the Air #1 } – Holly Black ✰✰✰ + review 🌈 ✔📚
  • The Storm Crow { The Storm Crow #1 } – Kalyn Josephson ✰✰ ✰ + RTC 🌈 🌞🌸Seedling on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update✔ Memo on Microsoft
  • Mated to the Reaper – Alexa Riley DNF
  • The Billionaire and the Cleaner – Sam Crescent reread
  • Finally Finding Faith { The Reed Brothers #3.5 } – Tammy Falkner reread
  • The Tiger at Midnight { The Tiger at Midnight #1 } – Swati Teerdhala ✰ + RTC 🌞✔ Memo on Microsoft


A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmare – Krystal Sutherland | The Raven’s Tale – Cat Winters

Not Started

  • Clockwork Angel 
  • City of Fallen Angels
    • I am so blatantly late with these… yikesssssssss
  • Red Rising
  • Blanca Y Roja
  • Caraval – Stephanie Garber

… I’m almost there

  • Middlegame – Seanan McGuire 65%

Netgalley/Edelweiss is acting up again, I discuss my required reading and give really bad Bookstagram advice.

Oh, and I asked the author of Wicked Saints some questions.

TTT: First 10 Reviews

Okay, so because I forgot to do this last month…. we’re overlapping. Yay.

But, quick story-time: I’ve been paying for Hulu… since Black Friday 2018. And I’m just now using it.

That is all.

Zombieland – I forgot how funny this movie is??? And the fact that there may or may not be a sequel coming out this year kind of blows my mind????

Us – Okay, I watched this last month and at first, I was on the high of Jordan Peele can do no wrong… but the longer I sit on it… the more I just… It was entertaining, but it wasn’t as good as Get Out. I’m not comapring, but the plot felt looser, with a lot of plot holes popping up and kind of an unsatisfying ending… I still really enjoyed it, though.

Hanna { S01E01 } – I don’t think it counts since I only watched the first episode, but I was not a fan. At all. When I dislike you characters from the get go… I’m not watching eight episodes of that.

also, my sister finished the season and…. yeah -_-

Killing Eve { S01E04 }No, I’m not done with it. I only made it to episode… but I AM A FAAAAAAAAANNNN.

Key and Peele { S01E03 } – I just needed to reminisce.

Snow White with the Red Hair {S02E01} – I am finally getting back into anime and this may be one of my top five romance animes???


Seedling on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update= Buddy Read

Bookmark on Microsoft = Blog Tour

Fortune Cookie on Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update = TBR Jar

  • How the Light Gets In – Katy Upperman
  • The Speaker -Traci Chee
  • All of Us With Wings -Michelle Ruiz Keil
  • The Language of Fire: Joan of Arc Reimagined – Stephanie Hemphill 
  • The Red Labyrinth – Meredith Tate
  • Sorcery of Thorns – Margaret Rogerson Bookmark on Microsoft
  • The Kingdom – Jess Rothenberg Bookmark on Microsoft
  • The Guest Book – Sarah Blake
  • I Wanna Be Where You Are – Kristina Forest
  • The Bone Charmer – Breeana Shields Bookmark on Microsoft

As you can see, a loooottt of blog tours. And a veryyyy ambitious TBR like I won’t be bone tired or anything.

I don’t want to reiterating my nervousness but… FIRST JOB. YIKES. But, tell me how your reading month has been?? Tell me something good ❤ .

9 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up + May TBR || I’m a working (wo)man”

  1. Congrats on the job!!! *high five* You are amazing, and I’m sure your co-workers and managers will love you, LaRonda! I can’t wait to hear more about it! 10 books is amazing, and I’m glad to see that many of them are 3 and 4 star reads! I hope you end up liking Caraval when you finish it! I can’t wait for the third book to release this week! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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