My Required Reading was better than yours… or basically books that changed my life

You’re probably wondering how this topic came to mind when I was thinking of a post to write…

Well, there’s this strange… cliche is that the word? that required reading sucks and is the bane of all school goers… 




I’m failing at words.

But I quite sadly can’t join that group. Because my required reading was pretty decent. Now, I’ve had some bad ones, but I have a theory.

I started Highschool in 2014. And I can’t lie… reading requirements were different. Hell, even now, the reading for the curriculum is changing, diversifying and that’s great.

Now, I’m not saying my required reading was out of this world, 10/10 blow your mind kind of reads, but they managed to make an impact on me which is what any reader would ask for.

So, for this specific post, I’ll be talking about them and such. However, I’ll be going back to middle school… to segue into highschool… I know what I’m doing trust me.

Now keep in mind, I’m currently in the process of repressing my school years… specifically middle school and up… they weren’t bad, but I’d just rather not, you know? So this list will be from seventh grade and up. 

Cool? Cool.

I should probably start with the bad apples of the middle school necessary studies—

We’ll keep this short: Me and my cousin talk about these constantly. Tangerine was just horrible and The House of the Scorpion was just boring. Keep in mind we had to listen to the audiobooks for each and I ended up passing notes. 

Now, I could be hyping up the horribleness from lack of memory, but I remember perfectly well how these books made me feel and I remember ranting about this to anyone who would listen.

Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way…

The Sister’s Grimm – My Fantasy, dark loving cravings

Let me just be salty about the cover changes. I get that this is a middle grade series, but the original covers were so creepy… and the new ones are so cheesy… DON’T MESS UP MY CHILDHOOD THX Now I want to buy the books again (my old ones got destroyed). 

Update: I’m currently buying the series…. Impulse control who???

Random rant over.

This was my 7th grade year. Seventh grade was probably the worst year in middle school for me and this series was a life saver. It was creepy and it was imaginative and it had everything I needed. We only read up to book two, and you can bet all of your money that every pay period I’d beg my mom to take me to Barnes and Nobles and buy the next book. And she would because she loved me ❤ .

This series can probably be the blame for my love of anything dark or messed up, fantasy, retellings and bad boys with a heart of gold looking at you Puck.

The Giver – My first Dystopian though I didn’t know it

This was 8th grade and was around the time genres… were a thing… that I didn’t pay attention to? I legit didn’t compute that this was a dystopian, my brain went straight to alternative world type of book. 

This book quite literally blew my 13 year old mind. My teacher was keen on letting us listen to the audiobook and read the book, so I was fully immersed. 

Everyone else was half-assing their chapter reports… I took that mess seriously.  I was psychoanalyzing, making up theories… I was in it to win it. So color me shocked and a little hurt when I found out it’s a trilogy.  

The Book Thief – The book that changed it all

I talk about this one often, but this is the perfect segue from middle school to highschool. See, I started this in 8th grade, switched school, bought the ebook, finished it a few days before the new year of 2015 and fully converted to where I am now: an official book nerd. 

Flash forward to ninth grade and it’s required reading. Of course I aced that entire thing. We watched the movie, too… but I have no real feelings on that.  

So now we’re in highschool, and there were your usual classic reads—

— and these two stick out to me because not only did I have the same teacher through 10th and 11th grade, she made class really interesting. She may or may not have had an impact on me… but we won’t get to deep into that.

Again, they were fine… didn’t really influence me like that, you know?

Shutter Island – My 15 year old psychology obsessed wet dream

This one probably latched onto me since at the time I was taking a Psychology class because if you didn’t know, I’m a huge lover of Psychology, even now and this entire setting is on an isolated island in an mental asylum. and I’m pretty sure we were studying lobotomies that semester soooooo


Tell me some of books from your school years… did they have any kind of impact on you? Have you read any of the ones that I’ve mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “My Required Reading was better than yours… or basically books that changed my life”

  1. I honestly had a pretty good experience with my high school required reading as well! I took a British Literature course in freshman year, and discovered SO MANY of my favorite classics! I’m super jealous that you got to read the Book Thief for school! Haha. It’s my favorite novel in existence. I would’ve died if I could’ve re-read it AND gotten points for it in school. lol.

    Awesome post, LaRonda! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aahh, I took American lit, so I wasn’t as fortunate when it came to classics, but I’m glad the teacher was pretty much against your usual required reading XD

      And yes! If I didn’t read The Book Thief then I bet I wouldn’t have read it until way later in life, it definitely changed my life ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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