You’re the Best and You’ve Probably Emotionally Compromised Me in 2018 || Twenty-Ace-Teen and Contemporaries

The twenty-ace-teen™ joke (because there was a lot of asexual rep this year) is something I’m really proud of… let me have my moment. 

I was debating on writing this post seeing as I tend to gush about my faves year round so you’re probably tired of hearing about them…

But it’s customary to write this kind of post… so here we are.

And while I was writing this… I am stupidly surprised when the majority of these books were Contemporaries. WHO AM I??

But let me stop procrastinating …

In no particular order…

What If It’s Us || Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

[Review] “This is such a sweet, hopeful book. Two boys trying to make things work based off a what if. The ending is so fitting for the narrative; it’s been a long while since a book has made me this genuinely happy— this book holds my entire heart.”

It’s extremely rare that a Contemporary, fluffy book makes me so genuinely happyIf you look at my favorites shelf, it’s not that many on there.

Now I can give you the long list of how the queer and diverse representation and the themes presented really spoke to me… but me squealing at two o’ clock in the morning knowing I need sleep is the main reason this book made the list.

Let’s Talk About Love || Claire Kann

[Review] “Seeing asexuality being represented so wonderfully just makes my heart hurt (from happiness of course). I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where I can see myself so fully in a book in this way. An ace black girl who’s happy? […] This book made me cry, but I swear it was from happiness.”

We know of my undying love for this author and this book. The asexual representation was so on point and I saw so much of me  here… We won’t gush too much… I have a review for that the self promo tho

Summer Bird Blue || Akemi Dawn Bowman

[Review] “The last 80% had me bawling my eyes out. How everything was coming together. The ending has such a bittersweet feel to it. It’s open yet ends on a hopeful, uplifting note that leaves a somber feeling in my heart. Seeing myself in a character, over their grief of a sibling— I’m forever grateful.

Again with the ace representation. And there’s also the fact that I read this in a time that the situation in the book really… paralleled with me and my life?? Am I making sense??

Look, I’m trying not to get too sappy. But the portrayal of questioning and anger and grief felt too real for me.

When My Heart Joins the Thousand || A.j. Stieger

[Review] “Both are afraid of hurting each other and their relationship, though it started out quite unconventional (lets be honest, their relationship is a bit unconventional), it’s probably one of the most beautiful relationships I have read in the longest time. […] this is a definite all time favorite. No second guesses, no hesitation. I was never taken out of the story, I never lost interest and I cried happy tears.

WOW I LOVED THIS WITH MY WHOLE HEART. The main character has Asperger’s and it’s two people struggling with their lives coming together and loving each other despite their faults and going through the most and I MAY HAVE CRIED. 

I’m not very good at describing my love for this book except these characters own my entire heart. Protect them 2k18.

The Raging Ones || Krista & Becca Ritchie

[Review] “And even better, it’s an M/M relationship. And it was beautiful. Yet the relationship between all three was my favorite thing. They all cared and loved each other and it was beautiful. I for the life of me couldn’t pick a favorite. Franny and her morality. Court and his ruthless character, his tragic backstory. Mykal and his hard outsides and sweet insides. This whole relationship was soft and beautiful.’

When a friend over at Aurora Librialis brought this book to my attention (thank you btw, forever grateful ❤ ), I didn’t think I’d love this as much as I did??? I was expecting a lot, I got a lot and this was such an underrated gem that snuck up me.

You’d expect a love triangle, BUT NOOOOOOOO. It’s just three people who love each other in different ways and I swear it’s so raw and emotional and queer10/10 here for it.

Not Your Sidekick || C.B. Lee

[Review] “If you follow me on Goodreads, I was very… passionate about this book. You could tell by the way I was spamming updates every 3 pages while reading. I wanted something cute and sweet and I don’t think the smile on my face left. I love this book to pieces.

I chose this one for my Pride TBR having no expectations, going into it blind and… well..

Another one that had me squealing late at night/early in the morning because I had no idea this would be as cute and cheesy and adorable and [ENTER SUPERLATIVE HERE BECAUSE MY EMOTIONS ARE TOO MUCH]. 

It’s here, it’s queer and I’m here for ALL OF IT.

Secondhand Origin Stories || Lee Blauersouth

[Review] “This book was AMAZING. Superheroes with all of the diversity and racial commentary and found families and 8 YEAR OLD ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’S. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH.”

I don’t think I’ve championed a book this hard since… IT’S BEEN A WHILE.

I’ve talked about this one a lot over this last year and I don’t know what powers led me to join the blog tour, BUT I DID. I AM THE #1 FAN NOW NO ONE CAN  STOP ME.

There’s just so much representation: there’s a lesbian MC, a nonbinary bisexual/pansexual MC, an f/f relationship (that’s MY FAVORITE THING EVER), there’s ace rep… {are we seeing a pattern??}

A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares || Krystal Sutherland

[EXCERPT] “This book is so misleading. For the majority of the story, it’s lighthearted with banter and shenanigans and a romance blossoming. Yet, as I was reading, I sensed a looming sadness creeping up on my until finally, it happened. And when I say I cried all the water out of my system, I do not lie.

At this time, I don’t have a review up for this one yet, but I do have one written… So I gave you a little snippet of the mess that is my review… #sorry.

This was actually my last five star read of the year and how dare you make me cry my eyes out? 

It was the sibling relationship that did me in. That and the portrayal of mental health and the romance and this was just my kind of book. Tear my heart out.

The Impossibility of Us || Katy Upperman

[Review] “I wasn’t expecting this to hit me as hard in the feels as it did. To be honest, I bumped up my rating a star, but I can firmly say this was damn near perfect: I’d call this a favorite.”

Look, we can just all accept the majority of these were unexpected and snuck up on me, okay??

No, but honestly I wasn’t expecting the verse, the intense romance that had my heart hurting, the anger I’d feel… I just came for a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Well… That was fun. You’re probably tired of hearing me talk about these books. #sorrynotsorry .

Obvious question, but what were your favorite reads this year? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments below!

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