The Challenge that May Save My Wallet and TBR

Anna@Reader and Proud has created this challenge and I swear it’s heaven-sent. Because I was trying to do something just like this is February… So we’re beating procrastination to the punch. 

Well… what’s it about?

The goal for the challenge is to complete series; it does not matter if you only have one book left or ten, the important thing is to finish them in 2019. Similarly, the amount of series you’re aiming to finish is not important; I’d like this challenge to be as chill as possible so as long as you try to read and complete more series, you’re already a winner!

The challenge will run from January 1st to December 31st and you can join at any point. ARCs do count for the challenge, as well as books published in 2019. You can also include comic books and graphic novels. Again, the only rule is to complete the series in 2019. The link to this challenge is here if you want to join.

Sounds easy, right???

Well, for the commitment-phobes like myself… Look I’m intimidated… and that won’t stop me from being ambitious. 

Take this post as a sign-up post… and a TBR post mixed together.

All of Cassandra Clare’s books { #4-14 } | I started late in 2018, so now I have a whole year to get caught up. And I’m ready.

And these books are strangely addicting, so I don’t think it should be too difficult for me to at least read one or two a month or maybe I’m too optimistic and should stfu.

Sea of Ink and Gold { The Speaker; The Storyteller } | As much as I loved the first one, not only was it dense, it was a little confusing? I know I have to use a bit more brain-power for this story, but… I think I’m ready?

Arc of a Scythe { Thunderhead; The Toll } | Now, I’m not 100% the The Toll comes out in 2019 Goodreads don’t you lie to me but again, as much as I loved the first one, this series is dense and it test my morals in a tiring way. But I’m still here for it.

Rebel of the Sands series { Hero at the Fall } | Dense book = intimidation. And #commitmentissues amirite??

Strange the Dreamer duology { Muse of Nightmares } | AGAIN WITH THE INTIMIDATION. This was my most anticipated book of 2018 and it’s not that I don’t want the series to end… but I know there’s going to be heartbreak primarily mines and LAINI TAYLOR ISN’T NICE.

The Diviners series { Lair of Dreams; Before the Devil Breaks You } | I keep trying to read these for Tome Topple and I got the first one down…

The Illuminae Files { Obsidio } | I just have this feeling that this book is going to let me down. I won’t go into my rant/pour out my feelings, but… I loved the first two so much and I’ve made it this far.

Villains series { Vengeful } | We’re just going to go with the theme here and say #nerves.

Nevernight Chronicles { Godsgrave; Darkdawn } | Okay  listen. We know I wasn’t the biggest fan of Nevernight… but not only did I pay $30 on a signed first edition when it first came out… I did the same thing with Godsgrave. Even after I deemed Nevernight unsatisfactory.

Godsgrave is just sitting on my shelf… maniacally laughing at me. I’ve made it too far.

The Collector’s Society series {The Lost Codex } | It’s… it’s about time. There are two men that are perfect and one girl and IF ONE OF THEM DIES, I WILL BE FOREVER SAD. 

Look, I may add more because I’m an idiot but… this should be fun and helpful?

Let me know if you’re doing this challenge, I’d love to take a peek at your TBR? And if you aren’t participating, have you read any of these? 

9 thoughts on “The Challenge that May Save My Wallet and TBR”

  1. Okay, okay, let me just start by saying YES TO ALL THE CASSANDRA CLARE BOOKS *claps* I read TMI and TID this year and I want to get all caught up in 2019. We can even discuss them if you’d like.
    On a more serious note, I am really happy you like this idea and decided to join, you were so kind in your post so thank you! This challenge has helped me these past two years and I hope it works for you too. And hey, you can always add more books during the year if you’re doing great.
    Welcome to the challene and I cannot wait to see how you do throughout the year 🙂 Thanks again!


      1. I enjoyed the first three TMI books too, but I get why people say that. TID is incredible and I’ve read TDA is even better. Hopefully you enjoy every book more and more, but I get what you say about being in a certain mood for them.


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