Review: Merry Inkmas by Talia Hibbert || The Grinch’s ugly cousin would like a word…

Merry Inkmas

Talia Hibbert

Enjoy another Dirty British Romance by Talia Hibbert, author of Bad for the Boss. Christmas just got sexy…

“There’s a beast inside of me. I keep it caged. You drive it wild.”

Cash Evans has come a long way since his troubled childhood, but all the wealth he’s earned as a tattoo artist can’t fix the hole in his heart. He knows that the sweet barista who haunts his dreams is off-limits… But life doesn’t always go to plan.
”There isn’t a man on earth who could ruin me.”

Bailey Cooper is determined to learn from her mother’s mistakes. She’s seen how cruel love can be, and she’s not about to sacrifice her self-respect for a relationship. But when a bad boy with a heart of gold comes to her rescue, she finds herself wondering if this beast might just be her Prince Charming.

Will these two lost souls find a happy ending under the tree this Christmas?

Or is their love doomed to wither with the mistletoe?

Merry Inkmas is a steamy Christmas romance starring a brooding, bad boy hero and a Black, BBW heroine. Be warned: this love is hot enough to melt any winter frost!

Publisher: Nixon House

Published: December 1st 2017 





Trigger Warning




Mentions of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Statutory Rape and Intrusive Thoughts


Oh Kay. It’s rare that I take so long to review something and if I’m honest: I wasn’t going to review this. But, I finally got my thoughts together.

Spoiler alert: it was fine?

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Let’s start with the positives— the #ownvoices rep. is always amazing. And the way Hibbert handles tough topics— surviving domestic abuse, intrusive thoughts, homelessness; it felt genuine.

The portrayal of an interracial relationship, with a fat female MC as well as a queer side character who’s homeless and an autistic side character I believe? There’s just so many important things discussed in this around 200 page book.

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“Boring guys finish last,” she corrected, pushing the completed forms back to him. “Nice guys finish anywhere they want. Especially when they look like you.”

I really liked our female main character. I appreciated that she didn’t let Cash’s hot and cold attitude slide and she actually had a backbone while still being really sweet.

I mean, she was a nerdy, college student barista… YOU CAN’T TELL ME THIS WASN’T MADE FOR ME TO LOVE. She was just the cutest thing.

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The side characters and the camaraderie in the tattoo shop was fun. I actually wouldn’t mind a book on some of them. Even Cash’s family was fun; I liked spending time with them.

And it was very atmospheric. The Christmas vibes were strong in this one (no duh, Sherlock), but for someone as unfestive as me, the fact that I felt all off the holiday vibes is a definite plus.

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that’s kind of it? There’s not really a plot, which I’m not too upset about when it comes to romance books, but things did feel longer than it had to be. Especially since this is such a short book.

I mean… the entire book is this tattoo artist with a crush on the cute barista offers her a job after she gets into it with her boss while trying to convince himself he’s not good enough for her. That’s it.

And if that’s what you’re looking for: a short, time passing read— then here you go. I just wanted a bit more, ya know?

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Then there was Cash… who was kind of irritating with his on and off behavior. I mean, I understand why and he’s actually kind of sweet when he want to show it… but connecting to him was kind of hard.

I don’t really pay attention to sex scenes, but they were fine. Hibbert’s pretty good at those so… yeah.

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“Funny; he’d been a hell of a lot more charming when she was just serving him coffee.”

But are you seeing a theme here? This didn’t illicit any strong feelings out of me. When I’m reading a romance book, I want fuzzy hopeful, feelings. And instead I feel fine. I mean, I liked it— there were parts of their banter that made me smile and laugh and I’ll more than likely re-read it (you can actually count on that), but I guess I got my expectations a bit too high and that led to my downfall.

I liked this book, despite the griping I seem to be doing. It wasn’t anything special, though. 

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