The {Blogmas} Confession Chronicles || Lending Books Out {#4}

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Past chronicle

Siblings suck. Especially older siblings. Especially older siblings that like to read in the bathtub.

So, I’m the youngest of three by 10+ years. I didn’t have to deal with too many pranks or sibling shenanigans seeing as they were out of the house.

However, my sister lived a few blocks away and I had recommended to her Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin after she recommended the Divergent series (which should have been my first red flag if I’m honest).

This was when she was living with us during the summer and she said she really liked it. I had just read the sequel and cried my eyes out when I gave it to her. She was in the process of moving, so she didn’t get far. When she did move, she asked could she take it with her to finish. Now, I normally didn’t give out my books, but back then I was more lenient so I said yes

Not only did this evil person not read it, she would call me at random hours of the day to say she accidentally damaged my book. THE ANXIETY THAT WRACKED MY BODY O.O 

She would call and say she cracked the spine or spilled food on it. Though the thing that broke me was when she said she was reading in the bathtub… and dropped it. 

I may have over reacted and demanded she bring it back that instant. And told her off. Amongst other things… Even now, she taunts me, saying on page thirty-nine, there might be a stain, and I’ll have to check because I NEED TO KNOW.

Look, all I’m saying is she’s the reason I have trust issues.

8 thoughts on “The {Blogmas} Confession Chronicles || Lending Books Out {#4}”

  1. I do not blame you for having these trust issues. And with a beloved book like Wolf by Wolf? The audacity. The gall. I am offended myself. I don’t lend out books anymore (when books go missing or are forgotten, it makes you question your relationships), because can you really trust anyone else to treasure your books like you do?

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  2. Ah, hun! I would have such deep-rooted trust issues if my sister treated my precious books like that too! One time when I was younger, my sister dropped my copy of one of the Narnia books into the toilet … I don’t even know how. LOL!

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