I Spy Book Tag

I had this one on the back burning for the longest time. You probably forgot you tagged me for this, but… thank you Rebecca! I told you I’d get to it… one day >.<


  • Find a book that contains (either on the cover or in the title) an example for each category.
  • You must have a separate book for all 20, get as creative as you want and do it within five minutes! I won’t be sticking to the 5-minute timeline – only because I’m making it harder on myself. (Shanah added the last part in but I couldn’t do it either!)

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Food: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Transportation: The Ship Beyond Time {review}

Animal: Mockingjay

Number: This Savage Song

Weapon: Scythe {review}

Something You Read: Hunting Prince Dracula {review}

Body of Water: Siege and Storm {review}

Product of Fire: Fireblood

Royalty: Royal Marriage Market

Architecture: Warcross {review}

Clothing Item: A Crown of Wishes {review}

Family Member: This Adventure Ends {review}

Time of Day: Almost Midnight (I’m stealing your answer Rebecca 😉 ) {review}

Music: Speak Easy, Speak Love {review}

Paranormal Being: City of Fallen Angels

Occupation: The Reader (heh) {review}


Season: Whispers in Autumn

Color: The Color Project {review}

Celestial Being: Circe {review}

Something That Grows: Rose Tainted Skies {review}

Guess who I tag…?

Is it bad that I completely forgot about timing myself? Though, I don’t think I took longer than five minutes, so I think that’s a win?

Talk to Me

What’s been some of your favorite reads lately? Let me know if you did this tag, I’d love to see your answers!

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