Get To Know Ya Book Tag

It’s been a while what’s new but I’m here! I’m finally getting to it, so thank you Crystal for tagging me!

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Favorite Book of All Time

a light in the attic shel silverstein

I’m going to take it way back and go with A Light in the Attic. I used to mention this one a lot on the blog, but this book was my childhood… it’s way overdue for a reread.

Favorite Book Five Years Ago

the book thief markus zusak

The Book Thief makes an appearance once again… are we surprised?

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Favorite Duology/Trilogy/Series

written in red anne bishop

The Others series… you’d think it’d be something more thought provoking and such… but nah. This is the only series where I cried buckets of happiness for a couple finally getting together… Me and series have been on a JOURNEY.

Last book You Read

the girl from the well by rin chupeco


The Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco, but here’s the problem: I immediately want to read its sequel knowing I have a million things I need to read by the end of the month… But I’m gonna do it anyways.

Last Book of Poetry I’ve Read

… Haven’t read poetry in years…. sooooooooo

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What Book most influenced your life

every heart a doorway seanan mcguire


I mention this often, but Every Heart a Doorway helped me find my sexuality, so I’m forever grateful.

Book That Made You Ugly Cry

the hearts we sold emily lloyd jones



Book That Made You Laugh

speak easy speak love mckelle george


Speak Easy, Speak Love was funny in the situations that the characters got in to try to get the main couple together… and the fact that the dad shipped it… I laughed too much.

Character You’d Like to Be For A Day

vicious fanart.jpg

Review; Art

We’re not going to mention my obvious choice and… Sydney from Vicious? My Slytherin is coming out…

Books So Good You Dreamt About It


This isn’t my favorite book, but I had the strangest dream of ACOMAF after I read it…

Book You DNFed

the supervillain and me by danielle banas


TOO MANY TO COUNT. My most recent DNF was The Supervillain and Me. I won’t go into it, but I do have a review kind of ranting a bit.

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What Book are You Excited to Read

vengeful ve schwab

Even though I have Vengeful on my shelf, I’m saving it for after October, but I’M READY TO HAVE MY HEART BROKEN.

Guess who I’m tagging…?

I remember a time where I was tag- obsessed… don’t know where she went, but I miss her.

Talk to Me

What’s a book that changed your life? Let me know if you did this tag, I’d love to see your answers!

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