Tropes That Can Burn Their Tongues on Hot Oatmeal


As of late, I’ve been reading a lot of tropey books, but that’s not what made me think of this post.

And I started thinking: tropes are a thing… am I okay with them? I mean, the answer is no, some tropes irk my soul and I’m going to dish them out. I did make a T5W on this, but there are many more that should be addressed.

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Honorary Mention: Broody Asshole with the Heart of Gold Around our Heroine

I mention this all the time (even in my T5W oops), but GOOD GUYS WIN, TOO. For every ten bad boys, there’s one good guy and even then, he may not win. Give me the Lazlo’s of the world (my one of two book boyfriends… I have high standards).

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I Have Super Cool Magic but I Just Want to be Normal… for Some Reason

If I had the skills to talk to animals or fly or something… why would I want to go back? What is so special about walking? Walking sucks. I should know, I’m a car-less teen.

Me and my Sibling Have such a Good Relationship- Wait, You Like Them, Too? I Never Liked You Anyway

I’ve only read one book with a love triangle between brothers, but I hated it with such a passion 0/10 would not recommend. How can you let this random come between you? HOW?!

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I Know We Love Each Other, But Going to the Next Level Means We Definitely Love Each Other

Real question here: why is sex the ultimate display of love? Why? There are so many ways to show love, you can literally murder someone but nope, we didn’t do the deed, so I’m not feeling the ultimate love…

Bonus trope: The Aro/ Ace person has a dead heart and has no romantic feelings and can’t feel love. It’s harmful and untrue. I love a lot of things. Cookies and Cream ice cream is one of them. And burritos.

**No but in all seriousness


Everyone In the Friend Group Get’s Together

This is mostly a SJM thing (no shade to her and her books…. just an observation) and it’s really annoying. Branch out, make new friends, meet different people DO SOMETHING ELSE.

That’s all I’m adding right now, because I could go on for ages and we don’t want that, do we? I definitely had fun with this post, so expect a part two XD .

Talk to Me

What are some tropes that could die a painful death? Are any of these guilty pleasure tropes for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Tropes That Can Burn Their Tongues on Hot Oatmeal

      1. It’s quite a throwaway trope and there is little to no variations in its executions and a lack of subtle nuances, it really depends on how well-developed they can make it. A original bad boy, turn good, turned bad might be a weird and fun combo to do!

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