Top Five Wednesday- Books For My Younger Self

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme run by Thoughts on Tomes and Ginger Reads Lainey. The Goodreads group is linked here.

This topic got a bit… deep, so heads up on that. It was completely on accident and not premeditated 😉 .

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the hate u give angie thomas


The Hate U Give – Having a book where I see so much of myself in it would’ve helped me a lot back in middle school and even my first two years of highschool. I mean, the similarities between me and Starr are staggering.

not your sidekick by cb lee


Not Your Sidekick – This was a turning point with me a queer books. I always had this notion that all the books I’d read would be about the struggle and happy gays were a fantasy but THIS BOOK JUST… MY HEART OK?

every heart a doorway seanan mcguire


Every Heart A Doorway – When I first started questioning my asexuality it was because I read a quote from this book somewhere and I dismissed it because everyone around me dismissed my questions and realizations. But it wasn’t until I read it this year that I was truly coming to terms with who I was and I feel if I read this when I was younger, the process would’ve went a little faster haha.

the martian andy weir

The Martian – I saw this in my school library in 9th grade and thought I could never read Sci-fi (not saying I wasn’t into Sci-Fi, I liked them in the cinematic format).Flash forward to 16 year old me and this was the gateway to me becoming a hardcore Sci-Fi fan in all forms.


The Hunger Games – My stubborn ass was hellbent on not having anything to do woth this franchise. Flashwords to months after the first one came out and I was obsessed. Flash forward to 2016 and I finally get to the books and OBSESSION x5… I WAS MISSING OUT MAN.

I didn’t mean for this to get so serious… But it’s fine! This was a nice, reflective little post ❤ .

Talk to Me

What are some books that made a big impact on you? Are any of the books on my list a favorite of yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday- Books For My Younger Self”

  1. I have yet to read The Hate U Give or anything on here besides The Hunger Games. Books that I wish I read when I was younger is Harry Potter and Percy Jackson but I love the books that I’m reading now. Better late than never!

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      1. Omg I just watched the Goblet of Fire symphony and I cried so much! I need to continue Percy Jackson but I’m hoping to do a reread soon!

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