Current Favorites {#5} || Waffles, Hermit Status and an Album on Repeat

Hey… haven’t done one of these in a while. But, it’s the last day of the month and I’m freaking sick send help these are fun 🙂 .

Before I start, I have a giveaway that I haven’t been promoting I suck at these but it ends on the 3rd of August, so you still have time if you haven’t entered yet.. Do ya thang 😉 .

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A Day Before Us

This. Is. Such a gem. I may or may not have binge watched both seasons. The episodes are only 3-4 minutes, but I’m addicted. It’s so good. I cannot… words don’t exist to explain my obsession with this whole thing.

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Sweet Belgian Waffles


I went to L.A for last week when I stumbled upon this baby. For some reason, I don’t ever get Jamba Juice unless I’m out of town, so I had no idea these were a thing. And you know they’re good, when I, a person lacking a sweet tooth, but at least 10 of them in the span of a week.

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So… as you know, I like in Vegas… it’s hot as hell out here… 110+ degrees hot… I have not left my house this entire month (we’re not counting my trip to L.A.) A/C has been my saving grace. And my mother has the nerve to ask do I want to go swimming… the nerve.

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Romance in books

We know my aversion for romance, but oh my goodness, I have had a craving (hence my obsession with A Day Before Us). But these books? Gold. 10/10, satisfied me to the end (it was only three because… one step at a time).

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The Incredibles 2

the incredibles 2

Oh yeah, while in L.A I went to the movies (for the first time in forever >.<) and say this with my cousin. I had fun, but don’t ask me which movie was better, I cannot answer for the life of me.

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Honorary Mention – The Now Now

… or basically Gorillaz in general. Yes, they’ve been on repeat for a month. I’ve been bumping their old and new stuff. No, I do not have a problem..

There wasn’t a lot of favorites this month (again, didn’t leave the house) but these few things have stuck out a lot… I’m so easy to please XD

Talk to Me

Are you a Gorillaz fan? Any good animes I should check out? Pancakes or waffles? Let me know in the comments below!

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