{ARC} Review: Let Me List the Ways by Sarah White || I fell in love with this one QUICK

Let Me List the Ways

Sarah White

let me list the ways by sarah white

A breezy, sexy contemporary YA about falling in love with your best friend, from Wattpad phenom Sarah White.

Mackenzie Clark has been best friends with Nolan Walker for as long as she can remember. She’s shared everything with him, from adventures with their families and days lounging at the beach, to long talks about their friends and her journey with type 1 diabetes. The only thing she hasn’t shared is the fact that she is in love with him.

Now in their senior year of high school, Mackenzie and Nolan know that in a few short months everything will change as they head off to different colleges. Determined to make the most of the time they still have left, they come up with a list of things they want to do together before graduation. But as they make their way through everything from toilet papering the school bully’s house to having a backyard camp-out like the ones they had when they were kids, Mackenzie can’t help feeling that she’s left the most important thing off the list: telling Nolan how she feels. But when confessing her love could jeopardize the incredible relationship they already have, is honesty really the best policy?

Publisher: Harperteen

Published: August 7th 2018


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ARC Edelweiss

My Review 4

This was such an adorable and quick read. I wasn’t expecting the feels or how light this story was? We aren’t really doing too much in the story: we go to school, we sneak into each others backyards/houses and go to some baseball games, but this was the cushy, romantic read that I needed.

Keeping it short: Mackenzie, or Zie, is in love with the boy next door and best friend, Nolan. However, she won’t tell him for fear of losing the relationship they have now.

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Mackenzie as our main character was so likable. The way she dealt with her Type One Diabetes, her relationship with her family and Nolan’s family— I liked her so much, it’s frightening. Same with Nolan, he was really sweet and the way they were together gave me a lot of feelings. It was supportive and nice and best friend goals.

While I loved the inclusion of T1D and how it wasn’t a plot device and was just a part of the character, I can’t speak for the representation, so here’s an own voice review you can see for yourself here.

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And then there was the friend group as a whole; Regan who was dating a girl allergic to soy, Declan and Nisha, everything was so easy and unproblematic. Even the… bad guy (that sounds so dramatic, he was just an asshole) wasn’t a huge problem. This whole story was just so easy and undramatic and breezy.

It was really surprising that both Mackenzie and Nolan were talking to people during the story and they weren’t assholes? Both were really nice and I wouldn’t have been mad if they were endgame. No girl hate, no drama, all good.

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Were the characters oblivious to each others feelings? Yeah, it was borderline in their faces. Yet it wasn’t really angsty, not when both just wanted each other to be happy. It did take them a long while to actually get together, but again, the friendship made the wait not a problem.

The ending did leave on a open note in the sense of we don’t know what’ll happen after college and I did feel said ending was a bit abrupt. But other than that, this may be a favorite contemporary of mine, it has such a rereadable feel to it considering my aversion of rereading 😉 .

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